Hubitat Package Manager Error

I am new to Hubitat. When I try to launch Hubitat Package Manager I get the following error code "Error logging in to hub ---- An error occurred logging into the hub. Please verify your Hub Security username and password.
I am using the C7 hub with platform version So far I have 81 devices connected, along with 30+ rules and 10 apps installed but I can not get Hubitat Package Manager to run properly. The error occurs once I select NEXT right after Match Installed Apps and Drivers. Since I installed this hub two weeks ago I could never get the HPM to work. Any ideas would be appreciated.

You should probably have posted this in the HPM main thread so the developer can see this.

I guess I would ask if you have hub security enabled? Do you require a password to log into your hub?

Did you pick that security option (or not) in HPM settings?


Post here instead --->> [BETA] Hubitat Package Manager

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@neonturbo Thank you for the heads up on HPM. No, I do not require a password to log into my bub. I tried enabling security after my first attempt did not work. Enabling security with user name and password made no difference. @Evilborg Should I report at [BETA] Hubitat Package Manager?


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Most people don't have security turned on for their hub. So be sure this setting matches.

You also could try a remove/reinstall of HPM. Or even as a first attempt, try a Repair install of HPM right through HPM itself.


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