Hubitat Notifications

I'm new to Hubitat (a Vera Plus ex-pat). I'm simply amazed at how quickly everything came over... and actually works!

Even the smallest detail (think Ecobee remote sensors, or Hue motion sensors, or Nanoleaf) are supported!

I'm digging into things, and wanted to try out Notifications. For some reason, Notifications does not work... at all. I'm using Chromecast as a substitute, but would really prefer notifications on my iPad and iPhone.

I know it must be something I'm doing that is off base, but wanted to post here to see if I could find a solution.

Notifications are setup, appear in the log, appear in the notifications listing, but never actually pop up on my iPad or iPhone. Ios notifications are turned fully on on both my iPad and iPhone.

Both my iPad and iPhone show as devices in Hubitat. I can enter test, and press the button to see that test in the log and in the notifications listing. Still no popups.

I'm starting to think bug, but it's a fairly big one if it is, and Hubitat is so solid I can't believe something as fundamental as Notifications just does not work.


Try the mobile beta. It’s stable.

I can't say why it doesn't work for you as it sounds like you done everything you need to do, but I have two iPhones on my account and they both get notifications. I have never had a problem with notifications with any version of the app I have used. I moved over to HE about a year ago. I am on the latest released version of IOS

I'm trying to get this to work too, but I can't figure out where to put the phone number. I don't get an option. I'm doing this locally, (at home). This is all I get:

You do not put in a number. When you install the app on the phone and log in as a registered user it will prompt you to select or 'add a device' you should add your device and it will create a device for your phone in the device list on the HE hub. Then you can select your phones from the list on the screen shown above.

If your phone is not list in devices, it is because you are not logged into the app (don't use local discovery, that wont add your phone to HE), or the app did not create a device. If the later remove the app, reboot the phone, reinstall the app, and be sure to login as registered user and create a new device when prompted.

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I'm on the beta mobile (via flightdeck).

I can see the notifications via the Notifications screen.

Only the notifications don't display via popup, etc like every other app does.

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I uninstalled app, restarted phone and tried again, putting in my email and password.

I still don't get the choice for device in Hub app.

I have a device in Device Name on mobile app.

When I hit "Hub" in Settings screen on mobile app, and then I click on my Hub, it says: "We could not find any mobile presence devices on your Hub, do you want to create a new device?" I hit "Create New Device", Now I have a device name with a (2) suffix, like I have two devices. Still nothing on the dropdown.

Rebooting the hub didn't work. I'll try uninstalling/rebooting/reinstalling again.
This is on Android.

Also, the "Notifications" screen in the mobile app never comes up.
Forget that parentheses thing, that was just in the name.
Still no joy.

I resorted to using Chromecast to broadcast a verbal notice to my Google Home devices. A bit around the fence, and I would prefer to get notifications on my iPhone/iPad, but it works :-).

I got it to semi-work by turning on geofencing. Device shown in list. Able to choose it in app.
I'm still not getting any notifications, although the last 20 notifications page is loading, but it's blank.

delete that. Checked app. Works now.

May I add, excellent!