[RELEASE] New beta version for Android (1.5.0) and iOS (1.1.0) mobile apps (Update 4)

New beta mobile apps for both Android and iOS have been released. Sign up for our public beta here:

Android version 1.5.0


iOS version 1.1.0



New Tools tab with the following features:

  • Notifications screen with the last 20 messages sent to the mobile device
  • Direct link to HubUI (local network only)
  • Direct link to the Documentation site
  • A list of all current user's hub, with details
  • Hub users management to add or change user level
  • Hub discovery screen (previously on settings)
  • Direct link to Hub Diagnostic UI for current Hub
  • Links to all our social media


Update 2:

  • Removed data backup (Android)
  • Added loading dialogs were aplicable
  • Fixed back issue from some screens (Android)
  • Fixed freeze on start for test flight (iOS)
  • Updated tutorial with new screens

Update 3:

  • Bugfix on login and start for iOS
  • Typos

Update 4:

  • Cutoff screens on some tools options bugfix (iOS)
  • Autoreload dashboards when resuming app (iOS)
  • Bugfix on back arrow on Learn Mode Screen (Android/C7)

Yes! Thank you!!


Agreed. Nice addition!

All the additions are great, provides much more reason to access everything through the app, rather than the disconnect between the admin / system level and general user content (dashboards etc). I even accessed the community through the app to do this post...:slightly_smiling_face:

If I can make one suggestion, it would be good to see the social page brought out to the same level as Dashboards, Tools and Settings, perhaps merging geofence into Settings to make space.

If you wanted to take it a step further perhaps the documentation could also be grouped together with the socials, maybe under a heading of Support...?

When is priority messaging coming :crazy_face:

Still wish we had remote link also.

@rdelgadou1138, thanks for the update. I really like having the local hub UI in the app. One thing I noticed is the My Hubs page shows "Active? No" for my one and only hub. Is that a bug or am I overlooking what that status means?

it looks like they added more granular enabling and disabling of notification too.. I really do not want to be notified of GeoEvents as I have pushbullet doing that for me.

I will need to verify that when i get home though.

The active status is based on the daily cloud check in, your hub may have failed on that check in, but should appear on on the next day.

Joined the beta and like where this app is heading


@rdelgadou1138 could the new notification list support am/pm? Looks like it only displays in 24hr time.

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not sure if its just me but dashboards and the app load so much quicker on my pixel 2xl. its a big difference.

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Confused... How do I sign up for the public beta? I don't see a link after installing the apple app.

If you click on the link in the OP that should bring you to a prompt to install TestFlight, the app that Apple uses to distribute public beta apps, and once installed the hubitat beta app should be available to install.

I figured it out, it wasn't working the first time. Thanks

Good point, am/pm will be more friendly, next update for this beta will include that.


Once you go to the Hub Diagnostic UI there is now way back to the Tools menu even if you switch from the other menus you still can't get back to the default tools menu and you have to exit the app to get to that menu again.

Same with going to the Hub UI...

I suggest that if you press the Tools menu button twice you can get back to the tools menu if possible.
Android app...

In the case of HubUI, DiagnosticTools, Documentation and Community, the page is open as a webpage, and you close on the X upper left. In the case of the other pages (with back arrow) some are not working and will be fixed on next update for this beta.

Getting back to the main tools menu by pressing the tools tab once again is a good point to be included.


just installed iOS version and it hangs on launch and doesn't respond to touch.

Update: after force quitting five our six times I managed to get past What's new screen. Which is improvements, comparing to the live app store version.