Hubitat logs API

Is there an API for Hubitat logs that emits events in a form meant for machine consumption vs display?

I see that I can request past logs from /logs/past/json but the result looks like ["2023-01-17 13:24:08.369\tINFO \tapp|354|L1 hall motion dim <span style='color:red'>Restricted</span>|evt: 1F main hall motion sensor motion active --> restricted" whereas I’m looking for data with a schema or in some kind of structure that doesn’t require parsing. An example might be:

{"timestamp": "2023-01-17 13:24:08.369", "logLevel": "INFO", "source": "application", "sourceId": "354", "sourceDescription": "L1 hall motion dim <span style='color:red'>Restricted</span>", "eventDescription: "1F main hall motion sensor motion active --> restricted"}


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If you want discrete events for devices, Maker API may work for you. You can poll it via HTTP or have it push events to you.


What is your goal?

I ask because there are two undocumented websocket connections to the hub that are available. I'm not at home (so I cannot check), but I'm pretty sure They send out JSON formatted events. And should be easier on the hub than using MakerAPI vis-a-vis processor use.

Anyway, you can access them at:



I use this to grab logs via Node-RED and write them to a database. Works really well.


Thanks for the replies everyone!

  • It sounds like there are websockets for pushing events as they are produced

  • Is there an API for pulling a historical log of events from Hubitat that’s like http:///logs/past/json but has each element (schema parameter?) of the log line available in a structured format? For example, the log line has a log level like “INFO” element that I’d like to access without parsing the whole string.

It looks like there’s an undocumented API that’s close to what I want.

For a given device ID (in this screenshot, it’s device ID 66), a URL can be formed like this to request for a device’s events in a structured response: [Preformatted text](

Here’s what the JSON response can look like:

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