Hubitat login

when I log on the hubitat everything is fine. but when I connect the hub with the hdmi wire directly on the television. he asks me for a username and password that I do not have.

There is no login available to the hub via HDMI. All setup and interface is done via the web interface.

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Ok. thank you!!

What exactly is the HDMI for? Future feature?

Can’t find anything though community search or knowledge base.

The hub is a repurposed TV box that was flashed with their custom OS. So there are ports and features on this box that aren’t used/available.


Whenever I try to open portal.hubitat on my computer, the hub is not visible. I have to restart the hub each time I want to access it. My computer and the hub are on the same network.

Reach out to and they can get you set up.

sorry to talk to you in this link. But I do not have the ability to make private messages or comment on other topics. In addition I own a Hubitat hub and my profile is not changed. Have I forgotten steps to activate these functions?

email and they’ll get your forum access unlocked. Usually it’s automatic if you bought your hubitat with the same email address you used to create your forum account.

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