Hubitat Live!


Great start to the series. So good to meet the cornerstones of the company. I really liked @mike.maxwell's brief synopsis of the founders he posted and would like to suggest that for the next episode. Nice to see that there were some people in chat that didn't have hubs and tuned in to learn more.

@bravenel RM 3.0 is fantastic. Wrapping my head around IF/THEN/ELSE statements for BOTH True and False conditions is going to be fun!
@chuck.schwer I found it interesting that you had an old style toggle switch on the wall behind you :grinning: Hope to hear more about how you and Bruce put together the Hubitat Elevation vision in future episodes.
@mike.maxwell Thanks for the unboxing. Would be fun to see how you sniff devices to create the magic drivers. Don't know if that would play out well live, but it sure would be interesting to see. Let's consult the bunny!
@patrick The beard suits you. Time to update the profile pic. :wink: Looking forward to learning more about the awesome improvements to Dashboard coming once you get folks that are not familiar with the platform or are still on the fence, a better understanding of how it all fits together.


Really agree with your post and reflections @SmartHomePrimer. Also really good that they choose this path and that the company's philosophy is to demolish the barriers and to get closer to the customers. That is is really promising!.

Also Roule Machine 3 and what else 2.0.9 119 that @patrick sneak peaked as next firmware build sounds promising =)

As not all desires can be fulfilled simultaneously and be coded in real time. Some sort of community pools/vote's for future integrations/functions can be a path to get even closer to the community as a company ?


That idea has come up before, and was quickly rejected by the hubitat team.

They listen closely to requests, but they didn't seem interested in committing to working on community items in a voted priority. I assume because that they already know the internal road map, and can see when things fit - so don't want to have to explain over and over why "item #4" got done before "item #1".


LOL...I was actually surprised at how different they all look compared to their profile pics. Especially @chuck.schwer . This is what I expected:


Hubitat Mobile App Released



Where did he post this?


I can understand that too. There are several approaches to which way they want to go. But with the right ambition it usually ends well anyway :smile:

For those of you who missed, this can also be interesting to see. As @patrick is being interviewed and talks about the company and the view of the future.


Couldn’t find it, but I liked it so much I copied it.

@chuck.schwer started building this platform in his spare time after having a conversation with @bravenel in early 2016, by the end of that year the POC was solid and Hubitat as a company existed, Hubitat went into private Alpha testing in early 2017, and a year later Hubitat Elevation V1 went to market.”


Its actually a dimmer that controls an incandescent bulb, oh the humanity! I'll have to switch rooms next time and have this light switch behind me.


That is a retrofit switch, originally it was gas lamps.


It's kind of cool. Not sure I've seen one like that before.


Or a combo lock to access his secret lair ?


Funny you mention that... I was expecting this for @bravenel



That's terrific! Stealing for my Avatar!


Great to see the ability to create more complex rules.
Rule machine is still abit confusing even now compared to web core which I understood very quickly and could create complex rules.
But I was willing to remove web core to ensure a more stable system.
Looking forward to RM 3.0!

Next episode how about a preview of the Hubitat app?


Not a preview. Hopefully a review of the app. It is already released then. (Wishes!)


When is the next live ? I can't wait ....


The next episode will be next week, June 20th. This week was supposed to be the next episode but is rescheduled due to a family commitment.

Look for an announcement and link to youtube in the near future.


When was the next livestream ?


Right now


Thanks HE team for the streams. Always something to learn / listen to whats coming.
Appreciate it