Hubitat Live!

@patrick - Hey I noticed you have an Awair in the background... do you by any chance have a driver for it!?

No, not yet. I'm evaluating a bunch of air quality sensors and really trying to find something that is locally accessable. But at least it has an API.

In Europe we have an airSensor AirSensor - air quality sensor with micro-WiFi with an API.

But the real bummer with all of these is they use WiFi, so an integration is going to be a lot more difficult without an official API.

Getting HE to HomeKit officially would open up a ton of WiFi devices because many of the WiFi device manufacturers seem to be interested in going that way. Only cavéat for both the consumer and the manufacturer is, the software based HomeKit authorization needs to talk to the cloud and has an associated ongoing fee for the manufacturers to access it.

Then there's the whole I don't have any Apple iOS devices issue too.

exactly and why would you want one :wink:


For HomeKit! :rofl:

Because all my mates at work have them. That happened to my sister :mask:

Enjoyed this episode. Had to check my dimmers to see how they reacted and just want to chime in on the debate.

I have innovelli dimmers and use their driver.

You can set the level they turn on to when you turn them on to be either a specific level or leave it at the previous level.

If you run the level command they turn on at that level.

I can’t set the level without it turning on.

Good to know though as it gave me some ideas.

When is the next Hubitat Live?
@patrick @bravenel @mike.maxwell

We’re working on it. Probably a couple of weeks yet.

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Thanks for the update.

Couple of weeks, hmmm.

I sounds like they're "cooking up something special" :+1:

Upping the expectation... Nice... No pressure :joy:

I'm going to laugh if we're getting just some Holliday pictures in return as explanation for the wait :grin: these people deserve a vacation too!


Considering how many people are reporting measurable hub slowdowns after a day/few days, I hope they touch on that... But, not holding my breath.


That’d be an interesting poll.

Bruce covered it pretty extensively in that thread, so maybe keep it to that thread.

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Yes, he did... After I already posted the post above...

cool cool

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