Hubitat lifx intergration - one lifx light wont' add


i have lifx running nicely. for some reason 1 lifx bulb which works fine in the lifx app (and has for ages) won't appear under lifx integration,

It was there originally and stopped working so i deleted the device itself and am tryin to re add it but it's not coming up after pressing refresh.

it is indeed on and working in lifx app.

any idea how to get it added without deleting the whole app and having to resetup all my lights ?

thank you

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Anyone seen this issue ?

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I don't use Lifx, but maybe @bcopeland would be able to take a look?

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so i have completely removed the light i'm having issues with him lifx and re added but pressing refresh on the lifx integration does nothing

There is also one other light on the network that work find in the lifx app but isn't responding to hubitat .

doing a poll and it responds by letting you send one command but then it stops responding.

@bobbyD is this something you can look at?

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Make sure that:

  1. All your LIFX bulbs are on the same network (subnet) as your Hubitat bulb.
  2. That multicast is not filtered between the wired and wireless portions of that network.
  3. If you have a mesh network, that multicast is properly routed between the mesh points and "base" station.

AFAIK, all the Hubitat built-in LAN integrations depend on the device and the hub being on the same subnet. In addition, for discovery, many of them - like LIFX and Bond rely on multicast. So network-specific issues in routing multicast adversely impact discovery.

Tagging @bcopeland to correct any inaccuracies in what I've written.


Thanks. It's all on same subnet

I'm worried the only way I can fix it is by removing integration and setting it up again which would take some time.

I am using Google mesh WiFi

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So if this particular bulb is not connected to the base station, then reboot the mesh point it is connected to.

Good idea. I disabled all routers except main one. Ensured the bulb was working after reset and it still isn't appearing after refresh in lifx Integration.


I may need to add it with Rob's app just this specific bulb.

Have you checked it has updated firmware?


Yep latest firmware on the lifx bulb.

You have some kind of broadcast issue on your lan. Do you have upnp or udp blocked anywhere?

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Also what kind of router do you have?

I had a problem with one of my bulbs. I disconnected it from the cloud in LIFX and added it back in - that seem to have resolved my issue (for today at least).

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Google nest

Was hoping this would resolve it but it didn't work

Is upnp on or off?

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it's on sorry for delay. i really appreciate your help

maybve i should just bite the bullet and remove and re add it.

and whilst doing that move all my legacy rules to the new rule machine but that is going to take some time hehe

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do it jewish GIF

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