Hubitat Hub Update 2.0.3- Active/Inactive Indicators gone :(

Another update, fantastic. The dev team is really busy making Hubitat even more amazing.

I'm noticing with the latest update, I no longer see the "active" /"inactive" indicators on the devices' grid tiles in chrome on android 8.0. I found the indicators extemely helpful and useful, especially when looking for xiaomi or other devices that might have fallen off. A few times a day I would quickly scroll the list and look for inactive devices, without having to open each device or look at every single events tab
The indicators are also missing on my windows desktop using chrome browser.

Was the removal intentional? If so would it be possible to give users an option?

They were confusing anyway. Just because something showed inactive, didn't mean it was offline. Some devices would simply show inactive because they hadn't reported for a while, but would later show inactive when they did report. So they were still connected, but would show inactive and many were taking that to mean the device had dropped the connection when that wasn't the case at all. Last activity is a better indicator.


There are a few apps to see a daily report on devices that may need attention...


The information in this column was very misleading and widely misunderstood, and ultimately of questionable value. It did not reflect device health. For these reasons, we decided to eliminate it.


I have personally found this one very helpful.

Bruce, Thank you for your reply. Whatever its initial intention, I found that status to be very accurate, at least for my zigbee devices, and especially when troubleshooting Xioami devices. I did notice for Z-wave devices, GE Dimmer & Qubino Flush 2, it did not accurately affect the device status.

I have no idea what the work effort, but I find an indicator signifying the last communication/checkin period on the devices screen as valuable, versus having to dig into each device. Possibly in a traffic light pattern, green for comm in last hour, yellow for last 4 hours, red for over 12 hours without a checkin.
Better than leaving home and finding the device you need to control is unavailable.

In any event I respect your decision, and direction of development for Hubitat. I'll check out the apps linked above.

Happy New Years