Hubitat Hub Generating Network Multicast 'Storm' Using mDNS

This has seemed to work for the last 24 hours!

Great! I've had no issues with my ESP32 or ESP8266 with mDNS disabled either. Glad there's a work around while the Hubitat team is working a fix.

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Confirming that I also have a similar issue. Hubitat c-8 on and WLED running in two dig2go kits, firmware 15.0 beta 2. With mDNS enabled on WLED, seeing consistent and frequent crashes on WLED causing the lights to reset. Disabling mDNS appears to โ€œresolveโ€ it as a workaround.

Is this something that must be fixed by Hubitat? I see that itโ€™s under investigation but no official or recent response.

Yes, Hubitat needs to fix it. The hub is generating duplicate MDNS update entries and they grow over time.

Since WLED is all about visuals, it made it more obvious to notice when it reset. Any other IOT or embedded devices could manifest very differently, if they are affected.

They recently fixed an unrelated issue that was discovered with Basic Rules and thermostats, so hopefully this is still on their radar.

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