Hubitat Garage Door control for Chamberlain MyQ enabled systems

For garage doors, it really comes down to 2 things...

  1. Do you need to control 3 doors (if so, Z16 best choice) -- either option works fine for 1 or 2 doors.

  2. Do you want to use wired reed sensors instead of a wireless tilt sensor? (if so, Z17 is best choice -- EDIT: This is no longer true; the Z17 and Z16v2 can both do decoupled relays)

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My system already has a wired window door sensor tied in with Konnected and set up in Hubitat. I only have one large door> I did see where the zen17 recommends wired sensors.
Thank you all for your time and replies on settings this up. So the zen16 will also work fine with wired sensor?

No, it won't. That's one of the key differences.

EDIT: I'm wrong ^^^ The Z16v2 can do dumb wired reed sensors perfectly well too.

Ok thank you

It looks like the new version will work. From the Zooz site:

With the new ZEN16 VER. 2.0 you can now separate inputs from outputs and customize how the inputs display in your hub to monitor analog sensors and other dry contact inputs.

So do the sensors also have to connect to the Zen 16 or 17 to show when the door is open or closed? or as long as the sensors are set up and seen in Hubitat it will work and has to be in rules?

Wired sensors have to be connected to something that talks to Hubitat. That something can be the ZEN16 or ZEN17. Hubitat rules/apps can use any sensor, wired or wireless, in its device list.

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Gadzooks, color me embarrassed. I've been waiting for that version to drop for a long time and it somehow snuck by me! Thank you for correcting me.

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Thanks again last question before I pull the trigger should i go with the Zen 16 or Zen 17 is the Zen 17 newer with newer features? or doesn't matter?

The Zen17 has been out for a while, so many of us are pretty familiar with it. The v2.0 Z16 just recently dropped and no one has any real-world experience with it yet -- it will likely need to go through some young-product teething (inevitable firmware issues etc) that the Z17 is already well past.

But both are 700-series z-wave and have similar features (as far as we know, but again, Z16 v2 is still an unknown in terms of real-world experience).


Thank you done deal Zen 17 on order. :slight_smile:

I used the Zen16 v2 for this project. It’s functioning well. Joined the network on the first try, programmed as per the write up. No issues :+1:t3: :wood:

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Did you use a tilt sensor? If so, then I don't think there are any big differences between a v1 and v2 setup.

But I think @jbwrd3 wants to use a wired (dumb reed) sensor, and that's uncharted territory with the v2 Z16. I know Jeff is working on a new driver for it now, but I'm just hesitant to throw a new user (with no Zen1x experience) into that mix while things are still getting sorted out with the v2 new capability to disengage the relays and sensors.

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Yes. I used the Zooz tilt sensor. That’s really small and out of the way. Unless you know that it’s there, it looks like it’s a part of the door :door:
The wired sensor thru the konnected board shouldn’t be a problem. As long as it shows up as a open/close sensor on Hubitat, the Zooz GDO app will use it for status

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Ah, gotcha -- I'm admittedly not familiar with Konnected. I was under the impression they would be connecting the reed sensor to the Zen, but if it's integrated some other way, then it should be smoother sailing.

What apps are folks using, if any, with the fingerbot?
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My garage command center

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I use the Zooz app, to work with my Zooz Zen16 dry contact. You can select one of the child relay (the Zen16 has three relays) for the app to trigger the Wall unit.
Since the finger bot is like the Zooz dry contact - it has as single function - you can try using the Zooz app to trigger the finger bot when you issue the command. This will work well only if you have a tilt or open/close sensor to show the status of the physical door. If not, just trigger the fingerbot from your dashboard :+1: :eject_button:

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Well the Finger Bot is a little tricker than that since the Bot will push when turned on or off. They will get out of sync if you manually (via wall switch or some other way) open or close the garage door via On/Off. This could cause sending a On or Off command when the Bot is already On or Off.

So this is what I do:
I use my iPhone to open or close the door when my Geofency presence triggers my presence switch (either On, Present or Off Not Present)
Create a rule that says when the presence switch to On and if the Bot switch is off then turn it On.
Create a rule that says when the presence switch to On and if the Bot switch is On then turn it Off.
Create a rule that says when the presence switch to Off and if the Bot switch is off then turn it On.
Create a rule that says when the presence switch to On and if the Bot switch is On then turn it Off.

Has been working perfectly!

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I don't use presence, and currently have a SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor V5 on the garage door used with the MyQ app.

Hopefully the Zooz app works with the fingerbot, if not, I will cobble some rules together or perhaps modify the existing HE MyQ app to work with the finger bot.

I'll also recommend this option. If it's Refoss or Meross, it's the same thing. There's a non-HomeKit version too if that's not your thing.

Soldered the contact wires from the controller to the actual button contacts inside (Not the contacts that go to the opener. Same as OP did). The button connection to the opener doesn't change. This allows me to keep using the button as normal and the dry contacts that are built-into the Refoss/Meross controllers closes the actual button on the Chamberlin wall mount button module, so the encrypted signal is still sent to the garage door opener. As many are likely aware, you cannot just close the button connection points on the opener like in days of old. You need that encrypted signal from the wall mount button to be sent to the opener. I'm pretty sure the wires from the opener to the button are just power for the button. The actual connection to the opener is wireless. I recall having to do a sync proceedure after I reset everything. This opener was here when we bought the house, so I wanted to make sure that there weren't any wireless controllers not in our possession that were synced to our opener.

The wires you see coming out of the top of the Refoss controller are going to the included wired contact sensor and mounting bracket. This indicates the status of the door position. Simple and effective. The only other thing needed is a nearby outlet or other source for a 5v USB power connection for the Refoss/Meross controller.

You can of course mount it properly somehow. It's an oversight on their part not to have simply added some additonal plastic to the case with some holes for screw mounting it to a surface. I just happened to have a shelf that was already in the garage and the bottom of the shelf bracket was very accomidating to my laziness. Shoved it under the bracket :smiley:

For an iOS user, this is a really great addition and inexpensive. Very quick access your garage door from iOS control center, and if you have CarPlay, you can control your garage door from there too (appears once your CarPlay connected phone joins the WiFi network as you pull into your driveway).