Hubitat for AUS

These are awesome devices, I have most of them, and no issues with any of them...

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Hi Mike does that mean the door hinge sensor and lifestyle keyfob work in HE

I beleive this device is only for control 4 hubs, also I've not seen it for sale anywhere.

I think the hindge sensor works, but I've not tested it, there shouldn't be any reason it wouldn't work.

Thanks mike will get one and see if we can get it working

old mate is selling repeaters pretty cheap, I bought 2.

That is cheap !
I also just ordered 2.

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Wow, I'm all over that!! cassie.blacka1992 owes you a few freebies now Steve.

Hi @snickery, a fair bit of time has passed since you posted about this so I'm guessing you've managed to pair and get the Z-Wave Yale lock up and running. Hows your experience been? Any other bugs or annoyances? Would you recommend? Thanks in advance.

just sharing the love to my aussie brethren

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Bunnings have the Hue GU10s for $57 bucks, just got officeworks to price match + discount.


Waiting on my Hubitat to arrive but thinking ahead. Currently I have a Hue hub and it is pretty much full, I have a another dozen or so GU10 downlights I'd like to get smart and automated but don;t think the hue hub would cope. I'm thinking of getting the Tradfri bulbs, connecting straight to Hubitat and then getting a couple of Hue dimmers and also connecting them straight to Hubitat to control the tradfri bulbs. I know they wont appear in the Hue app but as long as Alexa can control them and the switches work and look the same as the current ones I'm good. Does this sound reasonable?

Oh and Hi :wink:

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Hey Steve,
from my experience, tradfri bulbs arent that good if not on the ikea hub (doesnt work with HE). Maybe grab a second hue hub :wink:

I've got a couple of Tradfri on the Hue hub with no issues, can you add two Hue hubs to Hubitat? That would be neat as I'm assuming Alexa voice commands would work then as currently I can only join one Hue hub to the Alexa account hence why I haven't added a second yet, waiting for Hue hub 3 and hopefully a higher device capability count :slight_smile:

Edit:- Searched and found it does support multiple Hue hubs, I think I might go that way as I'm also seeing there are issues with the Hue dimmers working intermittently when connected directly.

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Nah, the hue dimmers work perfectly connected to HE.

Hey, by the way.

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what ikea bulbs do you have steve ?

The GU10 white spectrum, half the price of the white Hue and Hue scenes do a good job of matching them all so they look the same on white/bright white etc. All up I have around 40 GU10 bulbs downstairs in my house so slowly replacing areas at a time. Mostly white with a few Hue colour ones when Prime day or a sale comes around, at close to $60 a piece they are out of my budget normally :wink:

I also have the Tradfri wireless led driver and three IKEA cabinet lights off of it connected to the Hue hub.

Just a heads up, I'm finishing up the Nue series of glass panel switches (1, 2 and 3 gang), unless something goes pear shaped today they should be out in 2.1.4.
For the multi gang models the driver will auto detect the endpoints being used and create the appropriate child devices, well that's the design intent anyway...


What do you think of them as repeaters?

I can't say as my lab environment doesn't have enough devices or distance for that, I also haven't figured out a way to definitively test this functionality...