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5 for $27 total? thats nuts..
We should post local deals when we can to help each other out. Fill the gaps etc etc

Nah, $25 each......they are the HS110's which retail for AUD48 in Bunnings, Officeworks, Amazon and J&B Hi Fi.

The HS100's are normally around AUD 25-30 at the same locations. Difference is energy monitoring.

There's a thread here about the Nue kit. In fact currently @mike.maxwell is working on official Hubitat support for the switches and other stuff that's sold in Aus.

Still trying to work out if I really want plugs. I don't really have any high energy devices that I need to turn on/off like pumps. What are you using yours for?

my daughters bedside LED lamp, I have a fan setup in my server cupboard to turn on for the QLD arvo heat (if temp reaches X), I have another connected to a USB hub that charges all the ipads at night time, 4pm - 10pm.

I bought a smart plug and then realised that every device I thought of using it for goes into standby rather than On when power is supplied. Oil column heater, coffee machine...

That was sort of my problem. The plug has to draw some power for monitoring, so it's not going to save you any for individual appliances. I may use it if I needed to power something in an inaccessible location, then you could turn it on and off.

Hi there

just recently joined Hubitat community, there is a lot of information in here. thanks

So i see we got drivers for 3a smart switches for 1,2,3 gang but not for scene and DP point yet ?
Im sorry i did read most of the posts but im still bit confused.

Does anyone have any issues so far with hubitAT and 3a switches ?

any advise which one to get motion sensor and door sensors?


I bought the ST door sensors from RACV and I bought these motion sensors off ebay pretty cheap
PS the batteries are included.

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I’ve got a few Aeotec plugs with power monitoring that I’m using. Only one is used for turning on and off things (a light in a window). I use the others for monitoring appliances.
My fridge/freezer is 10 years old and I have had issues with it in the past where it just keeps running and doesn’t stop so it gets really hot. I resolved that by just “restarting” the fridge by unplugging it from power and turning it back on. But since then I have put the fridge on a smart plug and I use Hubitat to monitor the fridge. If the fridge is on for more than an hour, send an alarm and turn the power off and on again after a minute. If the fridge has not been on for two hours, send an alarm. The timings will obviously have to be tweaked to fit in with how other people’s fridges operate.
I also use smart plugs to monitor the washing machine and the dryer. I use RM to monitor their use to let us know when they have finished running.


I'm in Brisbane and use my Aeotec plugs to charge the kids school laptops overnight before school.
The intent is to preserve battery life, rather than leaving them semi permanently plugged in.
They don't have access to mains power at school apparently.


I can confirm that the Xiaomi sensors (motion and button so far I have tried) work really well with the Nue (3asmarthome) switches.

Hi all i have just taken the plunge and ordered my HE
My current system is Vera edge looking forward to setting up all my z-wave equipment mostly Fibaro and Aeotec switches and 8 philips Hue lights and bridge
Would love to setup something to control my ducted heating but i have the the Brivis networker and it has a digital control thermostat so i haven't been able to find anything that will work with it that i know of
Looking forward to it

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Welcome Roly!
nice to have you onboard.

Look into the Brivis 529 analog board:

Thanks pjam73 will do some reading

I heard that hubitat was working to make nue switches work out of the box. Has anyone heard this?

"Habitat is asking for us with samples and they are are working on officially support Nue ZigBee Switches." from 3asmarthome

yeah I think some aussies sent some over to mike to write up a driver.

sweet. They're my main zigbee repeaters so want to ensrue they are supported before pulling the trigger on purchasing hubitat.

also and i will probably spend a week full time migrating :S

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HE is a great HA solution. Lots of fun and very frustrating at the same time.
Perfect for HA enthusiasts! lol