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Ikea Update..... still don't have the repeaters in, but whole lot more new bulbs in including some GU10s for $13! TRADFRI LED GU10
Have a couple of the drivers working for kitchen bench lighting. Perfect and fast.

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This vendor agreed to send me devices they wish us to support, so there isn't any need for users to send me anything, however I have yet to receive anything from them and I don't really have time to pester them.
Maybe you guys can poke them...


done and done. others please feel free..

happy to test when ready.


I also have many of the 3a dimmers (5) from 2017 so i'm quite keen to use these as they are my main repeaters.

I see I need to change the endpoint id on them with your driver, but doesn't look like anyone has the dimmers working

I followed up with Kevin (3asmarthome) on the 20th and his response was "I have contacted with Mike and is organising the latest samples for him". I'll give him another nudge..

There is some unofficial drivers for the 1gang, 2gang , 3gang & 2gang GPO drivers that work fine but the 1gang dimmer needs to be created which is why I reached out to @mike.maxwell about official support for the lot.

Ok, well they shall show up when they show up then...

He never responded to me

I just emailed Kevin to encourage him. I don't expect a reply.

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Hi all. Another Aussie Hubitat owner here, first post.

For maybe 6mths have been running hue hub and lights.

My Hubitat and an alarm panel from arrived last week. Put it all together on the weekend.

@shane1 am pretty happy with my setup too. Plans to add in more sensors etc over the next few months.

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Good to hear of your success. Enjoy

That's an awesome piece of kit, have an old wired system that we don't use, its going to get a resurrection!

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@MikeR just in case it helps, some thoughts on my (one and only, first time) experience installing the Konnected alarm board:

  • my place had an old wired alarm system, still fully functional.
  • really wanted get away from the phone back to base style monitoring
  • really wanted to use the existing door and PIR sensors as they work fine and were nicely installed when the house was built.
  • not a huge fan of stick on white plastic battery powered wireless sensors. A bit ugly and read of lots of problems with wireless sensors dropping offline etc. (if necessary will use them to extend the system later)
  • finding the Konnected option was thus a happy moment
  • got to think about UPS options to keep routers etc up and running should mains power fail.
  • as all my NBN and router devices and hubs are all in one place I went with this unit SafeGuard
  • my alarm panel is not in the same location so needed to consider another solution to keep the Konnected board powered during power outage.
  • The simplest and most convenient solution was to leave the old alarm box where it was and mount the Konnected board INSIDE the existing alarm box. Because it has a backup battery and charger built in already!
  • this also made it easy to swing over alarm cabling from old main board to Konnected.
  • of course I selected Hubitat as the hub to use: because it is compatible with Konnected and doesn’t require cloud
  • I already had a headless server in my home for other purposes. And already had a Homebridge instance running on the server to drive a couple of IR blasters, and add some other non-apple functions to my Home/HomeKit environment. So it was easy to get homebridge to push Hubitat Safety Monitor into Home/HomeKit too.

I sent Mike a spare 3a nue switch (dimmer ) that has the diff prod end points. He only just got it so not sure when it will get looked at... But he seemed hopefull it will help with the diff endpoint on this device.

It's my main zigbee repeater so when i get hubitat (tomorrow !) I'm gonna set up everything but light's until 3anue works. Big job but feels neat moving off ST.

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Im also having an issue with texting alert.
i have sent up an intrusion alert with door sensors, When the alarm is on and door is open the text alerts are not sending, In 'Intrusion Away' the phone number is for eg +61425XXXXXX .

not sure where i did wrong? it worked for first time and now its not working anymore?
Any advise

I wouldn’t spend too much time trying to get Hubitat’s SMS messaging working.

Take a look at Twilio or Pushover or the Hubitat Mobile App’s push notifications.


Pushover ftw

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Hi there

When you said Motion sensor, which one did you use?
cause there are two different sensor i can find online Xiaomi Aqara Motion Sensor.
Xiaomi Mijia human body sensor.
i looked for drivers code i dint find for Xiaomi Mijia human body sensor, or is same driver for both?

I use the Xiaomi Aqara Motion Sensor and it works fine. I would have purchased more but with the release of the new T1 sensors that are Zigbee 3.0 I am now waiting for them to become available before i commit to more. That said I haven't had any issues with these old sensors when paired with the Nue switches.

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Can anybody recommend Plug-in Outlet Switch. is Mijia Zigbee Smart Home Socket any good?