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Dont think so. I have 6 Xiaomi outlets that I no longer use. They eat your zigbee mesh, so I'm told. I transferred over to the aeotec zwave outlet 6 (AUD70) and the TPG HS110 sockets (wifi) (AUD 25).

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How about this ?

any good?

No idea, sorry. Others may chime in.

i've bought 4 of these and have them deployed in my setup.
What was the question ?

Do they work well with hubitat and do we have driver for these. Any issues so far. Im thinking to use this for garage control , similar set up to the video below, but instead of using plug socket or wall outlet, want to use this on/off controller

I haven't used that Zigbee switch you speak of but it's cheap so worth a test and report back to us all. In relation to Garage door control if your looking to do that on the cheap you could use a WeMo's D1 Mini with relay shield. Check out HubDuino and it's ST_Anything Garage Door control it works well and it's like $5.


I dont have them controlling anything, I just have them as repeaters to fill out my mesh for other zigbee devices.
There is no driver, just "generic zigbee outlet" is what I have them listed under.
They paired quickly and are controlled easily enough.
No issues so far.


My 3a nue zigbee dimmer works with HE. Easy. It assigned correct driver ootb.

Update. Dimmer doesn't work tho. Just on off. Will keep testing but this was via dashboard

I just went to jaycar and they have $5.95 2m cords and i just spliced off the ends and connected it up that way. I only have a 200sqm house but have 4 running "just to be sure".

Mate follow this thread as it's being worked on. Also feel free to let Kevin (3asmarthome) that your interested in this happening as well.

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Already have thanks! I just wasn't expecting it to work at all

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What driver are you using for the dimmer??

Just selected the Generic Zigbee Dimmer & it works


I’ve got one working great for me and another on order.
Device Driver set as “Generic Zigbee Switch”
Repeating a couple of Iris motion sensors and a couple of lightbulbs. (Lightbulbs under review)

Does dimmer control work for you?

I've used the dimmer as a fan controller & using the Generic Zigbee Dimmer. It is working.

I'm getting this continually in the log, how do I stop it?? -
dev:10262019-08-06 06:03:11.699 pm infoFamily Room Fan is 0% [physical]

dev:10262019-08-06 06:03:10.705 pm infoFamily Room Fan is 0% [physical]

dev:10262019-08-06 06:03:09.701 pm infoFamily Room Fan is 0% [physical]

Has anyone here in Oz managed to source and install any sensors from NYCE? The Zigbee sensors all look interesting.

If any interest, experience or recommendation (good or bad) pls respond.

Certainly interesting products. I’ve not seen them available here though I’m encouraged to see Compliance logo for RCM.

Where did you buy those repeaters? The Tradfri ones are $50AU ea to get shipped here.