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Hi all, I bought the hubitat evolution last week and am also new here. I have 2 questions that you may know an answer to. Which thermostat is suitable for hubitat and the Netherlands? I now have a Plugwise Anna. And can I connect my Somfy Tahoma box?

Welcome. Hubitat is compatible with several z-wave and zigbee thermostats. The official list of compatible devices is in the hub documentation pages here:

And there’s a community wiki thread that discusses other devices that users have gotten to work with their hubs here:

Just keep in mind if you go with z-wave, you’ll need a thermostat with the EU z-wave frequency.

I’m not familiar with Somfy’s Tahoma box, but if you have somfy shades that use their RTS protocol, somfy also makes a bridge device called the ZRTSI. This allows RTS shades to be integrated with z-wave systems, and there’s a community-developed driver that makes the bridge compatible with hubitat.

Just like with z-wave thermostats though, you’d want to make sure somfy has a EU z-wave version of the RTS device.

There’s always plenty of people here in the community that are happy to help, so feel free to ask further questions as you investigate your options!

Hello, thanks for your reply.
That means that I must search for another thermostat. Somfy I can operate using ifttt.
Hopefully I receive the hubitat this week and I can try to connect all my devices.

Looks like your thermostat is WiFi-based. If they have a published API, it’s conceivable that one could integrate it with hubitat, but a custom driver/app would need to be written.

Use the forum search tool to see if anyone has mentioned that device in prior threads.

If you get stuck re your Somfy shades, you may want to look at a Bond bridge. This supports Somfy RTS shades plus other devices, and has a community developed app for HE. Not ideal to have to buy another hub, so probably not a first choice...

Thanks for thinking along. I think I can forget the plugwise thermostat. I still have hope for the somfy blinds. The thermostats that I can find for hubitat are not suitable for the Netherlands. We only have 2 wire systems here.

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who maintains the official list ?

i have devices which are natively supported, but not listed? an example could be the Danalock v3 (Z-Wave)

just to make it easier for new users

It seems that the tado thermostat also works.

Hubitat staff maintain the official compatibility list in the documentation pages. The OP of the community thread is a wiki post, which can be edited by users to add devices that aren’t already listed there or in the hub documentation.

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