Hubitat Elevation Model C-7 introduction & when will Model C-8 be introduced?

What is the expected lifetime of the Model C-7 before it is replaced by the Model C-8? WIll the C-8 have improved Kasa integration?

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Hubitat never announces their hardware plans. At the most recent Hubitat Live, it appeared as if a firmware update would bring Matter compatibility to the C-7.

The Kasa integration is actually a community integration from @djgutheinz that is now built into the platform. @djgutheinz is constantly improving his code or updating it to add support for additional devices, so I would suggest you use his Kasa thread to request new features or support for new devices. I've linked to it below:


Thanks for the quick response. I purchased a Hubitat Elevation US Version × 1 in mid 2021 not paying attention that it didn't work with the Kasa world devices until I was ready to start to use it. Can the V1 be upgraded to a firmware version to incorporate Kasa integration. Is there a chart somewhere that shows the differences in devices. I am sure there are more features, however, it would be nice to know what improvements had been added to see if it would benefit a users use of the device.

The latest version of the firmware already includes the built-in Kasa Integration.

On the App page, click the "Add built-in app" button and search for Kasa.


There are only four models of the hub to date:

  • C-3 and C-4: the original models, identical except the C-4 has the screenprinted logo on top that is now on all hubs; no internal radios (added via one or two USB sticks, usually included; hub has two USB ports), power via DC barrel connector
  • C-5: slightly smaller form factor, ports reduced to micro-USB, and now has internal radios for Zigbee and 500-series North American Z-Wave (other regions--or really any--can use an external stick, as before, with an adapter to connect)
  • C-7: interal Z-Wave radio upgraded to 700-series (with user-selectable region/frequency) and a new Z-Wave implementation on the hub side offering new features (S2, SmartStart, more informative Z-Wave Details page, the ability to do firmware updates on devices via the built-in Device Firmware Updater app, etc.). Zigbee and all else is the same as the C-5.

All hubs have similar specs, aside from the 700-series Z-Wave radio on the C-7. The C-5 and newer do run a more finely tuned OS that should eliminate some "scheduled reboot" workarounds some C-3/C-4 users put up with (and even probably some early C-5 users before some more work was done). The C-5 and C-7 also added some network options like the ability to connect the hub to your network over Wi-Fi instead of wired (adapter required and not included), though this isn't recommended if wired is possible.

But beyond Z-Wave (and networking) as above, pretty much every other feature is the same between hubs. Your example of the Kasa integration is one--as mentioned above, that was added in a recent hub firmware update, and so far, these updates have always been available for all hub models dating back to the orignal C-3.


Think of it this way, if Hubitat move quicker than you expect, it's rare if not impossible a C-7 will not work with a new revision of the hub, based on prior history... So you could either use a C-7 as a second hub, linking it to a C-X via Hub Mesh, or use it as a development hub, and who doesn't need one of those.... :wink:


Yes any C7 can be updated to current firmware.
Most (if not All) of the "Kasa" branded devices are supported.

TP-Link also makes some other brands/lines of smart devices, which I think for the most part do not work on the Kasa integration.

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The Tapo devices I believe are part of that group.


I have updated the top of the Kasa Thread to be more explicit on supported devices.

'[RELEASE] TP-Link/Kasa Plug, Switch, and Bulb integration'


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