Hubitat Elevation Hub Model C-5 Released

New Hubitat Elevation Hub Released

Today we are releasing our new hardware platform for Hubitat Elevation, the Model C-5 Hub. This new hub is functionally identical to our original Model C-4 Hub, but has integrated internal Z-Wave and Zigbee radios and a slightly smaller form factor. This new hub uses a micro USB power supply, with 5V at 1A. It may be powered with the included power supply or with any other 1A or greater USB power supply.

It is available now at for $99.95 (MSRP $149.95).

Mini FAQ:

What does this mean if I own the original hub?

As much as we'd love for all of you to purchase a new hub, there is really no need for you to do so. This new hub has the exact same CPU and storage resources as the original hub, and it will run the exact same hub platform software.

Can I use my USB Radio Stick with the new hub?

Yes, you can use your existing external USB radio stick with the new hub. If you decide to switch to the new Model C-5 Hub, you would need to use your existing radio stick to preserve all of the devices you have joined to your original hub. These are intimately tied to your radio stick. To use the radio stick with the new hub you would have to purchase this adapter cable: Micro USB OTG Splitter Cable

Will the original hub still be available?

We will continue to offer the Model C-4 Hub for those who need an external radio stick, or who want a reduced cost second hub with no radios. These will be available at

What about UK, Europe and Australia?

At this time the Model C-5 Hub is being offered only to customers in North America with the US Z-Wave frequency. We will continue to supply the Model C-4 Hub with external radio sticks for overseas customers. For overseas use, two sticks are required, one for Zigbee (a worldwide frequency) and one for Z-Wave (region specific frequency). We currently supply Z-Wave sticks for EU/UK frequency and AUS/NZ frequency.

Please post any additional questions you may have, and we may incorporate those into this mini-FAQ.