Well, Snap! Hub appears to have died

Coffee automation ran at 0515, rolled out of bed a couple of minets later, no lights on hub. UnPlugged and re-powered, no lights. Tried power supply from another HE, no joy! C-4's both of them. Love the ability to move the radios out of the confined space that the hub is in. (a very cool, yet small space) On sale, got any C-4's left?

You can use external radios with a C-5 hub as well - with a USB power injector adapter.

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Wait, what?! Do you have more details on this? I'd love to try a couple of experiments!

Maybe I'm using the wrong term, but you can use an external USB radio with a cable like this:


Got that tip from the original announcement of the C-5 hub.


I never knew! That's awesome! Thanks. I'm going to order a couple from Amazon and try some experiments!


Please update your findings. You always come up with interesting things.


Yes, we can supply C-4 hub for same price as C-5. Contact us at order@hubitat.com.


A couple of days later I have taken it apart, and it appears to be a cr@p connection on the board's power connection. If I hold it by the barrel connector with the weight of the board supported by the barrel connector, it lights off and gives me a blue light.
Now to find a pencil iron! (mine is 1000 miles away in the solder kit). Also may need a much younger set of eyes!

Completely off topic: I really enjoy all the advances in technology. It is amazing. I just wish there were advances so I didn't need coke bottles to see them.


And finding that set of coke bottles is hard, here in the age of plastic containers,,,


Same situation here. If your corneas haven't thinned (i.e. not severe myopia), then LASIK is a choice. Unfortunately for me (-10.5/-9.5), it's too late.

I'm a -10.5 in both eyes and they say that the new LASIK is still a possibility. They cut a smaller flap than they used to so it might still be an option. However, to get tested for it, I wouldn't be able to wear my contacts for 3 weeks before the evaluation, to give my eyes time to go back to their normal shape. There is no WAY i am leaving the house with my glasses on unless someone's dying, so it's contacts for me! :stuck_out_tongue:

I do lot of florescence microscopy on a daily basis - impossible/very hard with glasses. So it's contacts for me too.

How long is the warranty on the hub? I'm sure the team would like to find out what happened to it.

Was not worried about the warranty aspect. Lots of use, I am sure I have had it over one year. (a reasonable warranty period) We know how these things are produced. The amount of effort burried in its depths far out weigh the cost of the device. (my home control system rules)

Well I pulled it apart, found a ball of soldier on one of the pins of the barrel connector female connector. Had to order a new pencil soldering kit, mine is 1000 miles away. Met the amazon driver at the end of the driveway.
Opened the kit, tinned the kit, hot pull of the old soldier off, the smallest drop of new soldier with the now hot iron.

Plugged it in, banged on it for luck, re-assembled and put it back in place. Sure was nice to have the house go back on auto!!!! Lighting fans other automations seem to have gone right back to normal.
Sucess! No hard feilings here!