Hubitat/Echo for local voice comtrol (switch bots and Fibaro)

I'm just starting to see info on Echo hubs starting to support limited voice control. However after looking for hours I can't figure out just what that means to me.

I'd like to be able to control a couple* of switch bots to turn up and down my thermostat** and some RGBW LED strips via Fibaro RGBW controller 2.

So the question is, would I be able to control switch bots and the Fibaro 2 (on/off, brightness/dimming, and color hue) via local voice control between the Echo hub and Hubitat?

*Also maybe a 12v vent fan controller but so far those seem to be impossible to find.

**It's an RV so it's a 12v system and there isn't any well proven smart thermostats yet).

I would think a thermostat without a c wire would work. It doesn't run on 120v anyways.

Check Amazon for Centralite Pearl. One of the sellers has them at 30 bucks. It's zigbee.


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So far no answers to the question at hand.

If they can be controlled from hubitat, you can expose them as switches and contact sensors to Echo through the Echoskill. In some cases you can use a virtual switch to control something on hubitat then expose that virtual switch to echo as well. Fibaro can be controlled with hubitat, but switchbot needs their hub integrated in to HE then you expose it. If you haven't already, look here on how to bring switchbot into HE. In some cases to kick a routine on echo I use a switch to contact sensor driver to kick an alexa routine for a device I can't connect directly to hubitat.

For fan controller, see my reply above. For the 12v thermostat, I am unsure about that.


My guess is whatever Amazon has planned, the limited local voice control wonโ€™t be available to devices that are controlled through an Alexa skill.

If your alexa-enabled device is offline, how would it establish a connection to your Hubitat hub? The Hubitat Alexa skill needs to connect to Hubitat cloud servers.

More likely, Amazon will allow users to locally control WiFi bulbs, or perhaps zigbee devices connected directly to an echo device with built-in zigbee coordinator.