Hubitat devices in Smartlife automations etc

I have one of the C7 hubs and as of yet haven't set anything up on it, although it's found my phone and seems to actually understand geofencing. The Smartlife zigbee sockets I have are the 011 type and I've managed to test pair them, (generic) . I will need help with the driver and such to use these with power monitoring working. The information I can't find is whether I can get Smartlife zigbee devices on the hubitat hub to talk to and work in automations within Smartlife in general - WITHOUT IFTTT.

I've two Smartlife zigbee multisensors and a water sensor (used in the bath to trigger the immersion heater) so I can control the various sockets (including heating zones). The problem I have is I need verbal warnings re temperatures from Alexa or Google and I can't find any information about this working via Hubitat...

I'd appreciate NOT being told to go looking at a 300 page topic because I'm in the middle of chemotherapy/radiotherapy for triple negative breast cancer & I've the joys of severe Fibromyalgia. I used to work in IT so I can understand the general concepts but I'm not well enough to spend hours going round in circles.

I'm honestly beginning to wonder if what I've bought is a £160 paperweight but I'd like it to work because I have the joys of Talktalk fibre and it craps itself every time it rains.. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: and I doubt changing provider will help because its the quality of the physical local circuit, not the provider..

PS If anyone can direct me to a battery zigbee temperature/humidity sensor that works well with Hubitat? I've been searching around and bookmarking stuff, but when I go back the information has disappeared... :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Hi @RosieUK and welcome to the Hubitat Community forum!

The integration to SmartLife (Tuya) devices is supported in Hubitat by custom/community drivers.

If you have any WiFi devices, you can install and use [BETA] Tuya Cloud Driver (Limited device support) integration. You could use this integration also for all devices that are connected to a Tuya Zigbee hub.

For direct local support of Tuya Zigbee devices to HE, you can have a look here : Hubitat/ at main · kkossev/Hubitat · GitHub This list is incomplete, but if you have a particular Zigbee device that you may have questions or problems pairing to Hubitat - please let us know.

Good luck with HE and wishing you a speedy recovery! :+1:

So if I use the Tuya hubitat cloud driver and relocate all the control automations to the hubitat it'll continue to run those normally when the fibre goes down? That's useful because it takes two days for everything to go back to normal whenever that happens. Or will the other zigbee hub throw a wobbly and still go down?

Thanks for the info, I had found that thread but I didn't realise it'd look at my hub and pull the drivers. I know that almost all of the devices I have have a driver, except the smartwatch, vacuum, 12 way remote and water sensor (used to trigger the immersion when I have a bath).

It's cancer #5+ here. BCC that was misdiagnosed for a decade and there's another few of those that I need to get looked at. Because Fibromyalgia is a tumour causing syndrome. Primary symptoms are unexplained excema, unexplained severe pain radiating from the left knee up the thigh and across the pelvis - to the point you won't be able to walk - and being female (80/20% ratio to girls). It's autoimmune and interferes with the cytokine balance - the tumour fighting compounds in the body. High levels of stress and/or a triggering event like an injury or severe infection (or ironically, chemo) can cause it.

The odds aren't good on the BC - it's non hormone responsive and the Fibromyalgia makes it even worse to fight because it interferes with the natural anti tumour defence.. But thanks anyway :slightly_smiling_face:.

No, if your internet connection goes down, the automations that depend on the cloud servers will stop.
So, the Hubitat - Tuya Cloud driver should not be used for anything time critical, such as water leak sensors alarms or room lighting automations.

Do you have a list of all the smart devices that you are currently controlling from SmartLife?
I can suggest making the transition slowly, step by step. All (or almost all) of the Zigbee devices that you are currently using with SmartLife ( I suppose you have a Tuya Zigbee hub, do you?>) can be moved to Hubitat and operate truly locally, without any dependencies from the cloud services.

Can you decide which one of all the automations that you are using currently with SmartLife to transfer to Hubitat first?

I've a hub and that is on channel 20. Set the zigbee on hubitat to 19. I've managed to get the plugs connected but I'm wondering if Hub mesh on the plugs is causing a problem because I've turned it off and it still seems to be running. I'm getting not present on every plug at the moment.
I've not managed to get the full tuya driver to work because trying to get the dev tokens on the website just goes round in circles. I'm using the basic 011 driver and have the 5x1 sensor driver installed.

Also I don't seem to have any of the usual apps installed on the hub like makerAPI and I can't really find any install info for them. Alexa and Google are working at the moment just about.

First chemotherapy date is the 12/12/22..

Thanks for all the help and I hope you are well


you should set that to 15 so it's not so close to 20

I've changed the channels and it seems to be working in itself but the problem now is that I'd I have the Hubitat running it trashes my network completely - to the point that neither the Google Mini or the Echo Flex can connect to the network.
This is not helpful because just changing over the 6 plugs I've managed to do is for me a days work. I think the zigbee is interfering with the wifi really badly.
This thing is starting to look even more like an expensive paperweight.
Makes no sense since my network is on the low end of the channels, it shouldn't interfere and it doesn't help Talktalk is up and down like a yoyo.

What make/model are your Zigbee plugs?

They've picked up as the 011F driver (yours) and they're working fine in themselves. Getting energy monitoring data and can control them. Trouble is I've two hubs and I think two at once overpowering the 2.4Ghz.
Place that sells them is Germa on Aliexpress. WHD09 is the code printed on the socket itself.

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What channel is your router on? Have you scanned local airwaves to see what others in your area are using?

It's on C4 and there's no interference with other networks but the 2.4Ghz network keeps disappearing and reappearing in WiFiman. I've turned off the guest network and in the room with the router I'm getting 32dbm, but the signal disappears in the next room and then pops up at 62dbm. It's making zero sense, it's as if the hub is swamping the 2.4Ghz network but if its doing that then it should be doing the same thing to the Google mini and that isn't doing the same thing..

But the weird thing is items show up offline and the automations still work. Even odder, things at the far end of the flat are working but an Echo Flex 2ft from the router is reporting 100% packet loss, yet its STILL working, items between aren't.

This is starting to frazzle my nerves and that is not good for my health.

Turns out most of the problems were to do with bad Internet connection. Things seem to be working OK now.

But a MAJOR problem I've run into is the habit of hubitat connected zigbee sockets to switch themselves off when they're not supposed to. Wifi/zigbee sockets on smartlife don't do it. Almost cost me £75+ of frozen reptile food. That's three sockets I don't dare use on Hubitat. I've tried clicking always on, but that doesn't make a difference.

Also is there a way to display the total power usages of the devices on the Hubitat? I'm now in the middle of chemo, so I need really simple..

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