Hubitat creating mesh with hue bulbs

Hello. I would like to connect the sonoff sensor to the entry gate, it is far from the hubitat bridge, so I put a philips hue bulb between these two devices.

hubitat ----------> philiph hue ----------> Sonoff switch

How should I connect everything together so that the bulb extends the signal and passes it on to the sonoff sensor? It is possible ?

Is it a zigbee 3.0 bulb or a zll 1.2 bulb (older). If the latter you don't want that on the same mesh as your sensors, switches etc., That should be isolated on it's own mesh as zll 1.2 makes terrible repeaters/messengers. You are better off getting a good repeater like a sengled outlet (the oval ones, not the square). As to how it connects, you cannot control routes, devices will take the best routes available to them.

I don't know how to check which protocol version the bulb using. It seems to me that it is a 2gen model, most likely like the rest of my bulbs.
Model: LWA001
Software version: 1.53.3
Does this bulb use zigbee 3.0?
Can I also ask for a good repeater for EU? :slight_smile:

I think that may be a zll 1.2 bulb (again isolate it on it's own mesh). Check aliexpress. Any mains based zigbee device will be a repeater. Just avoid bulbs for doing so as a rule of thumb.

I think they changed with the addition of Bluetooth capability.
Check for the symbol on the side of the bulb.

These are popular.

Tuya USB Repeater plug it in and done.
Sonoff Dongle 3.0 Which will need to flashed.

I must comment, meh. I have 5 of these things, while my network is very stable(20 routers, 4 of which are XBees) these Tuya repeaters regularly fall off. 2 Tuya are very solid, the other 3 Tuya repeaters need almost constant monitoring. The Sengled, ST and Smart+ plugs right next to these repeaters never fall off, but the repeaters themselves are unpredictable. I've tried several 3rd party drivers, but no change. Even unpaired & re-paired these Tuya repeaters and same lousy stability. Next step is to swap locations with my working Tuya repeaters. I know many others are using these and curious of their experience

I believe this is Zigbee 3 as it appears to have Bluetooth. Not sure how good of a router it is but at least it shouldn't have a negative impact.

I only have three Tuya repeaters and of those, only one has any logged disconnects, probably from me screwing with the USB hub its plugged into.
So I'd have to say mine are pretty stable.
But, mine have only been in use since Nov '22.

Thank you for all the replies.
How can I connect a sonoff sensor via a philips hue bulb? Currently, the sensor only connects directly to the hubitat
The bulb was connected to the philips hue bridge via app and then added to hubitat but it did not increased the range by even a meter

Not sure what you mean. :thinking:
Your Hue bulb needs to be paired directly via ZigBee to your Hubitat hub, not your Hue hub.

A Hue bulb can be paired to either the Hue bridge or Hubitat, but not both. It can be added to Hubitat while paired to the Hue bridge, but in that case, it won't repeat for other Hubitat things (because it's really on the Hue bridge).

If you want to use a recent-generation (zigbee 3.0) Hue bulb as a repeater in Hubitat, it needs to be removed from the Hue bridge and paired as a (new) zigbee device in Hubitat.

The zigbee 3.0 Hue bulbs do fine as a repeater. Most of my Hue bulbs are on my Hue bridge, but I have a couple paired direct to Hubitat -- they work just fine (functionally as bulbs and as repeaters).

Cool. I will connect it directly to the hubitat and I will let you know what the effects are

range has actually increased, but sensor works within 2 - 3 meters from the bulb. I will buy tuya repeater today

Tuya repeater works great. Mesh network is created automatically when connected to hubitat without additional configuration. Thanks you all for the tips