Hubitat Conversion Concerns

Let me start by saying that I'm a 3+ year user of ST with 50+ devices and for the most part have had very few issues. I have followed the Hubitat threads closely and at times have considered switching. Recently with ST changing so much I am once again looking at Hubitat. However, my biggest concerns are first: How can Hubitat survive with its current business model? What I mean is, no revenue stream other than the small profit from the sale of the hub. Second: No IOS App, I use my ST App very frequently with ST. (PS, I do realize you can put the dashboard on you phone) Any help in this decision process will be appreciated.

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I doubt you’ll get any significant detail in an answer to this question. It’s a gamble, I suppose, just like with any startup.

They’ve said they’re working on a mobile app and it’s a priority, but it won’t work exactly the same way as the ST app. The admin interface is meant to be accessed in a desktop browser (though it works just fine on mobile browsers).

The dashboard provides essentially the same functionality as a native app if you want to interact with devices or see device status. IMHO it’s not nearly as polished as other dashboards like actiontiles or sharptools, but it works.

The mobile app will add presence sensing/geolocation functionality. For now an integration with Life360 is usable but can be flakey sometimes. That seems to be the nature of mobile presence though, ST has had issues with it (on and off) for years.

Thanks for the info

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I can chime in on your latter point, in addition to Mark's post :slight_smile:

No app? The idea behind home automation is to automate the home---not just remote-control it. For app-like control, as you've said, the dashboard(s) have all been working well, in my experience!
If it's any consolation, my fiance and her roommate haven't had any reservations regarding it (it took some setup for it to be in a spot they really liked, though)

As Mark said, an app is supposedly in the works, but it seems like it's going to be for notifications and location services, not for remote control (if that's wrong, somebody please correct me).

What do you usually control with the app?


@patrick has repeatedly stated that the Mobile App will support Presence, Notifications, and be a container for Dashboards.

Today, Presence = Life360 (or other custom solutions), Notifications = SMS (10/day) or Pushover (or other custom solutions), Display/Control = Dashboard (local/cloud) or SharpTools (cloud) (or other custom solutions).

Honestly, while I would like a mobile app for Hubitat, I really have not missed it much.


Great point, they have said repeatedly that a big part of their philosophy is that automation should be prioritized over dashboard-like control. But obviously some people want that, and they do provide it. I can’t remember if they’ve said that the dashboard will be accessible from within the app, but it would probably be simple to do that.

Another good point, notifications are possible now with sms (10 message a day limit) or an integration with pushover. But the mobile app will add native notifications.


Lights, switches, door lock and thermostat mostly. Also for arming/disarming SHM. I do like my ST notifications and I have lot of those.

Cool! Out of curiosity, have you tried to integrate these into Homekit via HomeBridge? Once I move, that's been the UI I've intended to use.

Dashboard access and device control will be in the mobile app. Along with push notifications and geofencing. We stand firm that the user experience (accessing devices, viewing dashboards, etc) should be separate from the administration (Hubitat Web Interface) so that every user of the app can't add, delete, change device / automations, etc, especially remotely.


Have not, not familiar.


They were originally going to offer some features for an extra subscription-style charge, sort of like Home Assistant is/will soon be doing with their "cloud extras" components, but they changed their mind. Whether that was a business or technical decision, we'll never know. :slight_smile: But I'm not sure it matters. What would you do if SmartThings shut down? It would pretty much be unusable since it's so cloud-dependent. Hubitat does require their servers for initial registration of the hub, but beyond that, you don't need an Internet connection at all and can keep going for as long as you want even if they vanish (optional features/apps/etc. that use their cloud endpoints excepted, of course). I hope they don't, and they seem to be doing well so far, but you'd still be able to do almost everything if they (Beyonce forbid) ever shut down.

Other people have chimed in on specific features you may want from the mobile app, so I'll just chime in on the only one I really miss from ST: notifications. As noted, you can use Pushover or send a limited number of SMS messages (as an alternative to notifications). However, since you're a current ST user, you may also want to check out the following: Route Hubitat Notifications to SmartThings - App and Driver (lets you get Hubitat notifications via the ST app). You don't even need the hub online for that, just your existing account to still be active. :slight_smile:

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Can't remember if I answered you somewhere else with a similar question. I use it as my primary interface.
I find it to be 90% reliable. Sometimes my thermostat current temperature and setpoints are off. But other than that it's rock solid.

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I'd have to check, but that sounds about right :slight_smile:
Do you use remote access for HomeBridge? It seemed to work 99% reliably with Home Assistant—I'm wondering if progress can be made to make it the same with HE.

@adamkempenich Remote Access is going to be via HomeKit (not homebridge) via Apple's integration with their "hub" (an Apple TV, HomePod, or dedicated iPad) via the Apple cloud. That works well when out and about.

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Excellent—that's what I was hoping to hear :slight_smile: Thanks!

I think it requires an Apple TV or some newer version of an always on iPad. My ATV handles it.

Yup—I had it running on my Apple TV for remote back on Home Assistant. How does it work for you?

Actually I tried to use geofencing to trigger virtual presence sensors. It didn't seem to ever work.
Other than that like I said there's the thermostat issue.
Status temperature and commands don't always line up.

It's still our primary interface.

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