Hubitat Conversion Concerns


Right. Just checking to make sure it was the same as you'd said earlier haha :wink:

Interesting idea with the presence sensors. I never dove into the HomeHit automation routines too much with HASS since running it right off of my Pi was faster. I should have tried the virtual sensor idea...


When did I say it was bad? lol
I guess the 90% reliability?
What can I say my expectations are low.

Hopefully those expectations can rise to around 99% over the next couple of months.


I use HomeKit/Homebridge for Presence sensing.

I'd say it was 99% for me, 93% for my wife. She's always turning things off to extend battery without regard to impact.

It has a geofence although I have read that it's adjustable, I believe default is smallest.

I get a Notification either of us is home about "a block" away.

It's pretty much all I use Homebridge for on a constant basis. Most every other time I go into the Home app, it's just to enjoy the wonder that it works. :slight_smile: And to annoy Apple Store workers, since most have not leapt into HomeAutomation.

If you CAN use it, I would suggest you give it a try.

To start, you do not need the AppleTV/HomePod/iPod device. You can get Homebridge working, Have your Hubitat selected devices show in the Home app and then expand from there. You'll want to create Virtual Device using the Virtual Presence driver, and permit it within the Homebridge app.

To use presence AND/OR extend remote control outside of your LAN, you will need the AppleTV/HomePod/iPod device. The moment you enable one, you can go into Automation in the Home App and create the "IF anyone arrives" or "If anyone leaves" rules. Pick the Virtual Presence devices you created and added to Homebridge and enjoy the fruit of your labors. :smiley:


I did all of that... The presence never worked...
I read some posts throughout the web that talked about nuking your entire setup to get presence working again...
I did not want to head down that path...

Any tricks to get it working? Homekit under privacy -> system something -> Homekit is turned on.


Settings:AppleID (that very top button): iCloud: home turned on

Settings:Privacy:Location Services:Home: While using. (Goes without saying Location has to be enabled, right.)


The issues cause by ST's firmware update last week and their lack of a fix for several days was it for me. I ordered a HE hub Tuesday night. It showed up Thursday. I just finished migrating devices from ST yesterday, and finished my automations today.

My observations so far:

Presence through Life360 has been superior to ST mobile presence.

Notifications through Pushover are FAR superior to ST in that it offers flexibility to send notifications to all or individual users and send different priority notifications. I have my phone set to DND mode at night. There are some notifications I want to ring through and some I don't. Pushover allows this. I had to pay $5 for the full version of the app but that's nothing in the big picture.

I still have access to my devices through the ST app for now using Other Hub, but I think the dashboards will be an acceptable alternative, just takes some effort to get them set up. But they are totally customizable. I haven't done any more than basic pages yet but I think this could be a cool feature.

I was hesitant about moving from webCoRE to RM (there is a webCoRE port but I wanted to use the fully integrated Rule Machine). It took some creativity but everything I had in WC is now up and running in RM.

Local processing had been very consistent and very fast so far. ST was really fast most of the time, but latency issues were not infrequent either.

So far I'm happy with the change.


I never had success with presence sensors on ST, so many errors and false not present, on HE they work, and they work good (4 ST, 2 Iris), I will try Life360 for geofencing.


I will say as well in hubitat I have found nothing more reliable than my st presence sensors. They have been near 100% for me.

Life 360 has been working reasonably well on all our devices (2 adults 3 kids). Just not reliable enough that I trust it for triggering automations.

My iris fobs on the other hand are near worthless as presence detectors. They don't trigger until I'm in room stripping out of my dirty scrubs...


Well, my Iris works, about 1.5 minutes slower but they works.

A trip today to Lowes, yes, I was looking for more sale...:joy:

The ST sensor:

The Iris sensor:


No negative implications—just me jabbing at myself for forgetting your original post. :wink: