Hubitat-compatible keypad?

Hello my friends, I am looking for a numeric keyboard, that works in hubitat, to be able to arm and disarm HSM thanks friends!

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These work. And the seller is very reliable - several of us have purchased Iris products from him.


Ring Keypads work too.

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If you hook something like this up, does it transmit keys pressed individually? Or does it get programmed and only transmit on success?

I’ve been wanting to try using a keypad like this to replace the garage door opener pad, and for fun I want to make it use an OTP code instead of something fixed.

do they integrate themselves into hubitat, or do you need a driver?

They are not available in Spain, my friend.

Keep forgetting to check people’s location, sorry...

This device has a Hubitat built in driver

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nothing happens a hug

@aaiyar gives solid advice. I have 3 of the iris keypads and they work great. Get 1 year life on 4 cheap AA batteries, and the driver is native to HE

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I have one of the xfinity keypads. It works great (besides some issues with it beeping forever that are fixed by a different driver). They seem to be a bit easier to find since they are currently in use by xfinity.

I have 3 of these for various uses around the house. About a tenner. Hook the dry contact (NC) up to a 2 quid nodeMCU (or in my case, 3 keypads to a single nodemcu) and do whatever you like with it via webcore/rulemachine. And don't need to worry about difficulty sourcing replacements - there's about a billion of these on the market that work in the exact same way. This is quite an important requirement for me whenever I embark on one of my mental little projects.

Considered buying a zwave one initially, and couldn't justify the cost. Mine's been working for about 2 years through smartthings and now hubitat. Awesome.