RFID Keypad


Quick and dirty writeup for a project I've used and reused a few times around the house. This allows you to use a cheap-■■■ RFID keypad such as this...


... which costs about a tenner on amazon to control all sorts of cool stuff if you connect to say, a nodeMCU/konnected. I use mine for changing modes of HSM for my security system, and the latest one was used to allow a rfid fob to open the garage door via a cheap relay,

The fobs are cheap as chips (you get a box of 20 or something with one of these, I've got hundreds). Gives a very easy, mother-in-law-friendly method of kicking off whichever complex automations you may wish. It's a doddle to add/remove fobs (i.e. can de-authorise one if it gets lost).

Here's the manual...

And here's the inside:

Couple of wires, nothing major.

Large connector

+12v (red) to PSU positive
GND (black) to PSU negative

Small Connector

NC "Normally closed" (brown) to NodeMCU_PinD1 (set as an open/close sensor in konnected)
COM (blue) to NodeMCU_3v_gnd.

That's about it to be honest. Normally the contact is CLOSED...

... but if you hold an authorised fob to the panel, you get a lovely little 'beep', the light goes green fro 5 seconds and the contact changes to OPEN during this time. Doddle.

I use webcore to turn on a 3v relay for a couple of seconds when contact changes to OPEN. This connects the dry contacts of my garage door opener. You can obviously add whichever rules you want to increase security (for example, just touching two wires together won't just open the garage door...there are a series of rules I use to make sure the keypad needs to be activated, then the door to it needs to be closed, then a seperate bell contact needs to be pressed within 10 secs to activate the relay, else it all just disarms harmlessly again).



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