Hubitat C8 Dashboard tiles not updating

Just started with Hubitat C8, upgrading from Vera ... SO far so good, except, the dashboard tiles (on computer and mobile) don't update at all. I used default setup to refresh every 2 sec loacaly and 5 sec cloud but they don't refresh at all. Please help...

Are the devices not updating z-wave or z-wave plus? If they are older z-wave you will have to install z-wave poller.

Since you are new, please take a look at this message.. Especially the z-wave section


Also double-check that the green-tick is displaying on your dashboard in the top right, rather than the red exclamaa6ion mar..


I paired all my zwave devices to Hubitat C8 with no issues and disconnected Vera device. I see all my devices and when I open the dashboard green tick does show and I clicked on it couple times, but no status on devices is refereshed. So far this is happening with dimmers (if I manually turn them off), door lock (shows unlocked status but it is locked), and thermostats (if I manually change the mode/temp). Is it because these devices are older zwave devices? Is there any way to refresh the status of devices before the dashboard is showed?

When you say manually, do you mean "physically"? i.e. controlling the physical device "on the wall"? Regardless, how does the status of the device present itself on the Device Edit page in HE? Ultimately the dashboard will present the status of the device based on how HE see's it in terms of the Current States represented on the Device page. If the "Current States" attributes are not reflecting the correct state of the physical device, it is not so much an issue with the dashboard, but more an issue with the device status reflected in HE more generally. If that makes sense?

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Thank you sburke781. Yes, it makes sense to me. I tried Settings/ Zwave refresh and then repair and got couple devices with the Status Idle (one of them doorlock). Is there any way for me to fix this? Thank you for all your help. My door lock is Kwickset (I think 9XX).

Z-Wave is not something I am familiar with. Others talk about asking for the Z-Wave details page, potentially the Z-Wave logs. I think you will be able to resolve this issue, I just may not be the one in this instance.

See my message above and read the section about z-wave. If they are older z-wave and
NOT z-wave plus devices you will need to install the z-wave poller app. This will poll the device at set intervals for the status. Also as @sburke781 point out, it would be good for you to post your entire z-wave details page (settings>>z-wave details). Use windows snip or similar. If you find you can't post pics yet because you are new, please join the owners group here. Hub owners - Hubitat and that will allow you to post.


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