Hubitat C7 Stuck on WiFi Screen

I have recently upgraded on of my C7 hubs to the latest version and I am presented with this screen when I connect to the internal IP:

Welcome to Hubitat Elevation
First, let's connect to a Wi-Fi network.

This unit does not have wifi not a USB wifi connected.

I can still access the hub via my remote access subscription, but it seems that local connections from other apps using the Maker API are not working.

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Try going to another page directly with the url, such as the logs page


Same result. I can get to the diagnostics so I rolled back to Working now as well as the maker api. I'll upgrade when I have more time to troubleshoot.

Another thing to try would be a network reset. Hold the button hidden under the hub for 7 seconds and let go. LED will blink then the hub reboots. It clears any networking settings.

I get this same issue with my iphone and iPad when I try to CONNECT TO HUB. I can only access the hub via remote access when using my mobile devices. This doesn’t happen on my macOS desktop via browser. There seems to be a mobile setting that is defaulting to this “ connect to a Wi-Fi network” screen when trying to get to the hub backend.

My hub is wired Ethernet connected with a static IP set so ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I also ran into this issue and spent a lot of effort trying to figure it out. But persistence paid off.
The way to resolve this is to Reset Network Settings on your iPhone.
Once you do that this screen will disappear.

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