Hubitat C7 hub no longer powering on


I have a hubitat c7 hub that is no longer powering on. I was rewiring all my network cables with cat6 and I unplugged the ethernet cable and accidentally unplugged the micro usb power as well. When I plugged it back in, the power light would not come on. I thought maybe I broke the usb port, so I opened it up and it seemed fine. Pins in the plug look fine too. I really wish this had usb-c already.

Is there something else I should be looking at on the board for an issue? I have also tried a different usb power cord and supply and still have the same issue- no power and no light on the front.

When you plug in the power, what LED color do you see? (Or do the led just doesn’t turn on at all - if that’s the case, disregard the rest of the post…)

If you had reserved an IP for the hub, are you able to access it via :8081 ?

If you didn’t reserve an ip, try http://hubitat.local:8081.

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No LED at all unfortunately.




I could be mistaken, but the usb solder looks cracked to me.


Yeah, top pin looks broken.



I’m not sure I’m oriented correctly, but that would either be 5VDC or ground. So a crack would prevent the board from getting power.

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Pin's 1 and 2 are toast

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I think y'all are correct. Looks like the power connector got yanked off. I am not good at soldering. Is this something that can be fixed?

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Yes by someone with a microscope and a very fine soldering tip (and a steady hand).

I'm not being a smart-■■■ but it can be done.
You would have to glue the connector back into place (maybe reflow the tabs).

Run a small wire (#30 wire wrap wire) from each signal pin of the connector to the next stable place on each trace.
Then you would have to cut off the traces that have been lifted off the board.

A rather tedious task but can be done. By whom I don't know.

If support can't get you fixed up send it over to me and I'll fix it for you if it's possible. Really should be covered by Hubitat though as it should have been glued in the first place. The first batch of C7's didn't have the reinforcement but they have since added it to later production runs.



Yeah I agree. It wasnt reinforced at all. I sent an email to support to see what they say. If I cannot be fixed by them I will take you up on your offer- thanks!

Not assigning accountability or cause to anyone, but I will bookmark this picture to explain why most of us recommend removing power from HE by unplugging the wall end! (Or, my personal favorite, PoE and a splitter.) Even if that's not what happened here, it's a great picture.


It is a good picture to use to highlight even if in my case it was an accident. I have my hub mounted to a wall using a 3d printed bracket. I was trying to remove the ethernet cable and when I pull I guess they were tangle a little down the line and it yanked the power out with it. Oops.

Or, use one of these, which I purchased for each of my hubs to replace the power cable, based on a recommendation from this forum:

JBtek Raspberry Pi Micro USB Cable with ON/Off Switch - Easy Start/Reboot !
by JBtek


Nice. But the PoE solution hs the added benefit of being able to be performed remotely. You know, in case I don't want to walk downstairs.


Which POE adapter are you using or would recommend?

I have been using these for well over a year without any issues whatsoever


Here's what the new reinforced connectors look like: