Hubitat Background Activity Killing iOS Battery

I’ve set up the Hubitat app on my iPhone and its background activity is consuming my battery in a half day. Is there something I have configured incorrectly that would cause Hubitat to drain my battery?

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I used to have the same problem on an older iPhone 6S when activating geofencing so I kept it off all the time and used the Alexa app for geofencing, when I upgraded to the iPhone 12 Pro I tried using it again and now it's on all the time with minimum effect on the battery.

So it might just have something to do with older iPhones? But since you did not mention your version and IOS it's hard to tell.

I also have a 12 Pro on latest iOS. I’ll try turning off geo fencing as you suggest but it is something I leverage. Thx

Same problem here. Battery gets drained when sitting idle, sometimes as quickly as a couple hours even when charging. But it doesn't always happen. If I reinstall Hubitat app or cycle the power or play with the settings, then sometimes it works for a while. So it's hard to nail down the cause. I have iPhoneSE(2020) using iOS6.1 beta. One other note: geofencing is dodgy at best. Usually don't trigger presence boundaries. I have tried "precise location" and not, but both are equally unreliable.

Only time I have had problems with the Hubitat app draining battery on a few generations of iPhone is when “high accuracy presence” is configured to on from within the advanced presence settings page in the Hubitat app. Note that that’s different than “precise location” in the iOS settings location services menu.

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Thank you, @marktheknife
Turning off High Accuracy Presence seems to have solved the battery drain without turning off geofencing altogether.


See these... They're tiny and fantastic

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Good idea that is, but my car and me don't go everywhere together. lol :slight_smile: :grin:

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I use mine with Combined Presence Sensor by @jwetzel1492. So depending on a combination of my phone wifi and @iharyadi 's sensor determines if I'm away or present. I always have my phone and so does my wife as well as her presence fob. So depending on the combination it does what it needs to do... Works well...

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I just use apples Geofence whatever you wan to call it's been bulletproof. Apple Knows where I am better than I do. It's the number one reason I use homebridge.

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