Hubitat app for Garmin watches

Hopefully this is the right place for this question. Apologies if not.

Would anyone be interested in trying a Garmin app for Hubitat?

I've been developing one that that uses the Maker API to access and control your hub. It's beta at the moment, but I use it all the time on a Forerunner 965 and have tested on a Forerunner 55.

  • Select Mode
  • Select HSM
  • Groups devices by room
  • Ability to select favourite devices
  • Shows status info for each device (on/off, present, battery, temperature)
  • Shows events for each device
  • Allows control of devices (typical things like on/off, brightness, temperature, open/close)
  • Glance widget for Mode and HSM (if supported by the watch)

If there's interest in this then I'll look at making it available through the Garmin Connect IQ store.
(I have to share it via the store, rather than provide it for side loading, as you need to set the app settings via Garmin Connect for your hub URL and Maker API access token).

At the moment it's just called Hubitat, but I might need to invent a more imaginative name.


That is very interesting timing for your post! I was just out for a run yesterday and was trying to think of ways I can disable automations for arriving and departing while I run since my neighborhood is a circle and I come and go multiple times during a run. Being able to add a connect IQ app to toggle a virtual switch on and off from my 965 would be awesome. I know I could do it before I leave or from the phone but this would be a lot more convenient.

The Hubitat folks might see that name as either free advertising or a copyright violation, or something in between. :wink:

That would work, although you'd need to come out of the run activity to get to the app.

Indeed. I think I need to at least indicate it is unofficial, but for it to be findable on Garmin IQ it would need to reference Hubitat somewhere.

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I love to test it for you.

The hope would be I remember to click it just before the run and again after the run so I am ok with having to be out of the activity. I do wonder if that would still be the case if it was tied to a shortcut button like for instance the music player app. If I hold down one of the buttons during the run it opens the music app/screen. That one might work since it is a built in one vs ConnectIQ though so not sure.

How is it different from the myHomeControl app currently available in the Connect IQ store? Not being a smart A, just curious if it does anything differently.

I tried that one out for a bit, but it was no easier than just pulling up my phone and using my own favorites there since you have to have your phone with you anyhow.

I have tasker set up so that when I connect to my bike computer, it sends a maker API call to turn on a virtual switch that disables my arrival/departure actions for this same reason. I have a route that goes north about 20 miles, but loops back beyond my house at the end. So, the switch disables my routines, but allows my wife's to work.

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Sure. Which Garmin do you have?

I think the shortcuts only work for built-in apps, but you can always select "Resume later", go to the app, then press start afterwards to resume.

Fair point. I think my one could be easier to set up. You just need the maker URL and token and it will pull in all your devices in their rooms. If you add or remove a device later it will be picked up automatically.


Can you select, or limit the list at all?
Any interest in adding to devices other than watch? I have a 1030 Plus and a Fenix 7X. I can see it being more useful to me on my 1030 Plus (bigger display, touch screen, and in a fixed location)

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Currently it will pull in all the devices that have been selected in the Maker API app, so you can limit it that way.
In future I could add something to filter in the app, but in the meantime you can still select any device and make it a Favourite for easier access.
I haven't tried it on a bike comp yet. I have a 530 so will give that a go and test the 1030 in the simulator.

Maybe like...

Device Control for Hubitat Home Automation

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It's an Approach S70

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yes id like to try it.. using the other app now..

i have a fenix 7 pro sapphire

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I'd be interested. I'd like to pin a few widgets to quickly turn on/off a few select devices quickly from my wrist.

I would give it a try on my Vivoactive 4. It sounds kike a great idea.

Ok. I need to do a bit of tidy up and then I'll push it to the Garmin IQ store (hopefully in the next few days).


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