Hubitat and uniform devices

It's been quite a while, after several times moving houses, I finally want to resetup my Smart Home with my Hubitat. However, I continually find myself baffled by Which devices will and will not work well with the couple pieces of tech I have. So I thought I'd just swallow my pride and ask for help.

Here is what I want. I want to be able to control lights in my house through Hubitat & a Elgato StreamDeck (I stream for work and have a studio with lots of lights trips and bulbs with different color schemes). I want to have several sensors and light switches to make it easier to setup automations for myself and my wife (things like walking into a room and lights automatically turn on, or being able to just tap a switch to turn off lights that were accidently left on).

The Hubitat has been great when I purchased it in early 2020, but I feel like everytime I try to get a new device, it becomes a hassle to figure out if it will or will not work with it now. So this is the list of devices I have and if someone could tell me what I should use or should not use, that can help me get set on the right path.

  1. I have a Philips Hue Hub and about 6 Hue Bulbs. I really liked these, and while they are stupidly expensive, they really do just "work". (Works with Hubitat and StreamDeck)

  2. I have about 50' of Sylvania LED strip lights, and 2 Sylvania motion sensors. (Works "kinda" with Hubitat, not very well though and can't get this to work with StreamDeck)

  3. I have about 120' of Govee LED strip lights (Works with StreamDeck, haven't seen if it works with Hubitat, seems like it might be a pain)

So, really, which brands will work with both Hubitat and StreamDeck without having to hack and upload custom firmware and run my own custom python scripting service? And is there any recommendations that others have to make life simple. Tech is supposed to make life easier, but over the last 8ish years, it seems more and more tech is just over complicating itself and trying to make it some sort of hobby. I don't want a smart home to be a hobby, I just want to be able to control lights with simple automations.

On the surface, anything supported in HE would be supported in this Stream Deck plug-in since it's using the MakerAPI:

Looks like there's a driver for the Govee lights:

Are the Sylvania devices all Zigbee?

First place to check is always the compatible devices list:

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Cool, thanks, I just kinda have been having a hard time trying to figure out what to get rid of and keep and just want to make this as seemless for my work and also for my wife (She needs it to "just work" and doesn't want to deal with the app stuff).