Hubitat and Security Cameras

I'm not sure if this belongs in this forum or the lounge, but I was wondering if anyone has had success getting events from video cameras into hubitat. Or maybe getting their camera to do something based on event/state of another device? For example, suppose I wanted the following: when one camera detects motion, then all other cameras (the other cameras are from different vendors) would start recording. Another scenario would be to have a battery-powered camera to start recording when a contact sensor or motion sensor (that is connected to HE) has a change in state. I'm sure there are other interesting scenarios, but it won't matter unless I can send/receive info from the camera in HE.

Most of the cameras that I would like to do things with are from different brands (like Eufy or Reolink) so I can't have them interact with each other based on their own apps. The motion sensors are also not from Eufy or Reolink -- they are from Phillips. So that's what I'm trying to control them via Hubitat (if possible)

I don't control my (Reolink) cameras from Hubitat, but I do capture their motion events via a NUC running debian. Basically the cameras attempt to email a user on my NUC and a listener on port 25 parses their attempt and a script knows which camera each one is from the data they try to send, and then curls an endpoint on the Hubitat which sets one virtual motion sensor per camera. I have been nagging Reolink forever to simply add a URL field so we can go direct.

I'm interested in doing something similar. But I run all my cameras through Synology surveillance station.

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@dom4509 Camect may do what you want. There is integration for hubitat. @innocent1 is a founder...