Hubitat and Nexia NX1000

I see messages suggesting I use the Remotec DH for the NX1000 keypad, but neither the ZFM80 or ZRC100 seem to work. Is there a custom HD for the NX1000?

Did you ever get this working by any chance ?

No, but I sure would like to. I also have a few Cooper Aspire 5 button controllers I would like to use with Hubitat. I'm a little old and behind the times on what is happening today so it takes me longer to catch on to some of these things. AND, Hubitat is growing and maturing at lightning speed. There must be a room full of programmers working 24/7.

I did get it working tonight using the Remotec ZRC-90 device handler. Now if I could just find the software to customize the text for the buttons I would be in good shape.

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I wander if you need the nexia bridge and software to do this?

I'm sure you are right. It appears this is an obsolete product and no longer supported. I may end up making a paper insert with legends for the keys and tape it over the front. Backlight will be worthless, but it may not be too bad and the only solution I can think of (today). If you leave the three dots visible at the bottom of the screen you will know which page you're on. One other thing, I can't seem to make double tap work. Not a big loss as I can't put that many functions on my screen overlay anyway - I will just stick with pushed.

I recently bought a Nexia NX1000 and I think is has great potential to enhance the SAF (Spousal Approval Factor) of my system. I have created a driver that allows the NX1000 to function as a button controller. It also allows you to customize the labels. It does have a quirk that I am still working on. Sometimes it mislabels a line with the text of another line. I think it is a timing issue, but it typically is corrected by pressing the "Configure" command again.Let me know how it work for you.


First - welcome to the community.

Second - I love your app. I have had an NX1000 sitting around for months. Now I can actually set the labels and use this thing.

Looks interesting ... now to find a reason to buy one! :wink:

A couple problems. Having a lot of trouble trying to assign labels to remote.

I’ll look into it.

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Operator malfunction I guess. I had a label which was too long. I did a exclude from my hub and a factory reset of the controller and now things are much better. I notice that I do have to hit configure a few times to get all the labels loaded. This is great. I love it.

Once configured, do the labels for all sub menus remain persistent? You have any pics of your setup? Thanks

I'll put pics up tomorrow. The labels seem to be sticking. Be careful not t use labels that are too long. In my case seemed to freeze everything. I have only made labels for page 1 so far.

Thanks. I’m looking for something useful to replace my Wink Relay.

The errors are due to a coding error. I didn't create routines to execute when you press the specific button (e.g., Button1). I guess I got lazy when I was cleaning out extra code. You can still use the task specific buttons (i.e., Push, Hold, Release). Be sure to enter the button number where indicated on the line below the task you want to execute.

Excessively long labels are a problem for the NX1000. The code limits the number of characters sent to the controller to 12.

The key to getting the labels to the controller is waking the controller up. If the back light isn't on, it isn't awake. You also have to be patient. It takes about 30-40 second to load all of the labels. The Configure routines reloads ALL labels, not just the new ones.

BTW, when using the task buttons as I mentioned above, enter the button number on the line, then press the associated task.

I have posted updated DH code. Import it over the DH code you currently have in your system.

Here is what I have so far, I'm thrilled to finally have this thing working after sitting around for a year.


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Looks good! Too bad Nexia didn't choose to use a better LCD display that supports decenders (i.e. p, g, etc) … the font looks a little Atari 2600'ish but definitely usable. :slight_smile: Does the screen stay off until one of the buttons is pushed to activate?