HubConnect for Vera?

Hi, I'm new to Hubitat, have been a long time Vera user. I've not had any issues with my couple of Vera systems in 3 locations, they've been stable for several years (even adding and deleting devices, firmware updates, etc.), and the systems have been tuned over the years to meet my (and my spouse's) exact current needs. There's little reason to undergo a major system migration and spend significant time tuning the system and teaching my spouse a new system at this time.

At one location I'm starting the process of using a Konnected board to connect a wired security system to a Hubitat device. Konnected does not provide a toolkit to use a Vera system, and so after much research, I've selected Hubitat. The Hubitat system will have about 10 new devices initially coming from the wired security system.

I see from the community and documentation that Hubitat can connect to SmartThings through HubConnect V2.0. Is there a pre-built way like Hubconnect that Hubitat (as a slave) can connect to a VeraPlus (as a master) system so that all the devices are controlled through one system? I've looked a bunch across the Hubitat community and all I can find are system comparisions between Vera and HE, and that people seem only able to rip and replace their systems. I've tried to connect the controllers using add device through UPnP on the Vera side, and tried using Hub Link and Link to Hub apps on the Hubitat side. Any other ideas or out-of-the-box thoughts?

Again, longer term as I become more familiar with Hubitat I may start to migrate over Vera to Hubitat, though in the short run (next 6-12 months) I can't justify a "rip and replace" effort right now. My backup is to manage both as separate controllers for the one location. Though I'm wondering if someone has a pre-built method to manage both systems through the Vera controller.

Thanks in advance!

There's no reason that a Vera HubConnect client couldn't be written but I don't believe it has, Likely because, as you say, most people migrate from Vera to Hubitat.

One way you could implement this is via MQTT but it's quite a bit more work on an individual device basis. Both HE and now Vera have an MQTT client implementation.

I dont know much about Vera but maybe you can get by with the Maker API for the time being. If Vera will interact with a JSON REST API it would be able to control and get status of everything on the hub.

I used the maker api in this way to interface with heyu for controlling X10 and it really allowed for an easier staged migration

Hubitat and Vera both have node-red integrations. So you can use that mechanism to mirror Vera-paired devices in Hubitat and control them using Hubitat-based automations (or vice-versa).

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Thank you all for the excellent suggestions!

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@ jjn321, were you able to get this to work? I have a very similar situation and i would also like to setup my Hubitat as a slave device to my Vera.

I ultimately headed a different route, and no longer needed to integrate the two. The suggestions above are good technical ideas. Perhaps as more utilize both Hubitat and Vera controllers, a plug-and-use function to integrate Hubitat and Vera could be developed.

I'm looking to do the converse, I want my Vera to be a slave to my Hubitat, looking for a method.

You can use the Maker API and SiteSensor (on Vera) to hook them up - I did this to slave house modes while I was still running my HVAC systems on Vera.


Thanks! I'll look into this. I just have some old Hunter Douglas Platinum blinds on Vera that I want to control thru Hubitat (there's no way to connect them directly to Hubitat that I've found)

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