Hub Watchdog users, what is your Z-wave response times?

I've been using the Hub Watchdog app for the past couple months. Two child instances, one to monitor a Z-wave switch and one to monitor a Zigbee switch.

So far the average I've seen the Z-wave response time of the switch is around 300-400ms. I saw one time a 280ms result. Z-wave can also be spikey, reaching much higher.

My question, for anyone else using Hub Watchdog what are you seeing for Z-wave response time? I'm just curious how healthy my mesh network is, what is a good benchmark for response time?

P.S. The Zigbee response is WAY more consistent and faster, typically averaging 120-200ms.

On my C4 hub is was around 500ms, sometimes spiking to 600-750ms. This was in a mixed zwave/z-wave plus network on a C4. Starting to move to my C7 with mostly z-wave plus devices and haven't installed watchdog yet.

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I average about 360ms on my zwave device, 150ms on a zigbee device, and virtual around 60ms. This is on a C7.

Although it’s really going to vary depending on the device, the mesh, the distance from the hub, etc. At one point my zwave device got a crazy route and that caused the average to jump up to around a second until I realized what had happened.

Thanks guys for the posts so far. Side note has anyone figured out how to use the graphing feature of Hub Watchdog? I can't seem to find where that is located...

try "hubigraph" app, pretty amazing

Create an "Examiner" child device. The "Raw Data Report" in there will give you graphs and a list.