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I haven't had a reason to look into the numbers recently since everything has been running pretty smoothly but noticed my Zigbee times are creeping up. I did relocate the hub to on top of my kitchen cabinets but that puts it pretty close to the router. I may need to move it a bit further away. Could someone share their results and hub software version number as a comparison so I can see how I'm fairing in general? My test devices aren't in an optimal location right now so I don't expect perfect results with them sitting in a cabinet, but was hoping to get some numbers to see if there is any particular area I can improve after performing some more tests.

Platform Version:
Hardware Version: Rev C-7

Virtual Test Switch:

Z-Wave Test Switch:

Zigbee Test Outlet:

I don't have as many devices as you....just 44 z-wave and 12 zigbee but here you go....

It is on a C-7 hub




Your Z-Wave times are really interesting... I've never been able to get mine consistently into the .3's. Care to share any info on your Z-Wave setup that may be leading to those faster times? Does this test device happen to be really well placed in relation to the hub? I usually stick mine in a bad spot so I get a better real-world representation of the speed. Right now my test rig is stuck in a cabinet in the laundry room with tile walls and granite counters. This area is usually the worst for me signal-wise.

Well the test device is an Aeotec Range extender 7 located on wall maybe 40 ft away from the hub. The hub is on top of an entertainment center and there are probably 2 walls between the hub and the test device.

It is a 2300 sf open floor plan single story house. I probably went overboard with the repeaters....I have 4 Aeotec Range Extender 7's and 2 Ring Range Extenders, but most devices seldom use the extenders. The test device is paired directly.

Almost all my devices direct connect now. I think my test device is a 500 series chipset. That may have more to do with the times than anything else. I'm guessing the Aeotec Range Extender is a 700 series chipset going by its' name. I'll probably leave my test device the same since it's the same make and model of most of my other devices. We have a single story house about 3200 sf and it's pretty open. Getting signal outside of the house can be a challenge though. Especially the higher band frequencies.

Yes...the test device, Aeotec Range Extender 7, has a 700 series chip. I didn't do this on was just a good device to turn on and off without conflicting with other schedules.

Like your house.

Yea, I understand was just looking to see if there was something I could tweak or something I overlooked. It does make an interesting case for upgrading some of my 500 series switches to 700 series in key areas where any delay could be noticeable. Knowing my luck, right around the time I finish upgrading to 700 series they'll go and release the 900 series.


I have a few Aeotec Range Extenders and they don't show up in the list of devices I can use in Hub Watchdog. I am using the Generic Z-Wave Repeater device driver. How are yours set up that they can be used by Hub Watchdog?

I am using @bcopeland driver....

[RELEASE] Aeotec Range Extender 7 Driver

As Bryan says it doesn't do much ..but you can control the light. I also use this on another Aeotec Range Extender 7 and control the light as a night light.

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I have found that my repeaters are actually 6s and not 7s.