Hub version and Denon AVR-X3600H

Up to and including version, Hubitat built-in driver was able to communicate with my Denon AVR Receiver model AVR-X3600H. However after upgrading Hubitat to version, Hubitat is no longer able to connect to the receiver. The log shows "Error: telnet connect error:",
When I rolled back to, the communication worked again.

Can you PM me your hub's id? I'll take a look at the engineering logs on the hub.

Thank you, Victor, for your quick response.
I am not clear on the privacy implication of remote access into my hub. I included below an extract from the log: the older transactions were with firmware version I then upgraded to the current firmware and received the Telnet error again.

If you need further logs from the device, please advise how I can extract them and send to you.

dev:4202022-09-27 10:39:03.736errortelnet connect error: Denon-AVR-X3600H.local
dev:4202022-09-27 10:39:03.072debuginitialize...
dev:4202022-09-27 10:32:59.332debugparse- cmd:MV, params:MAX 98
dev:4202022-09-27 10:32:59.328debugparse- raw:[77, 86, 77, 65, 88, 32, 57, 56]
dev:4202022-09-27 10:32:59.309infoDenon AVR volume is 61
dev:4202022-09-27 10:32:59.305debugparse- cmd:MV, params:615
dev:4202022-09-27 10:32:59.301debugparse- raw:[77, 86, 54, 49, 53]
dev:4202022-09-27 10:32:59.258infoDenon AVR is unmuted
dev:4202022-09-27 10:32:59.256debugparse- cmd:MU, params:OFF
dev:4202022-09-27 10:32:59.255debugparse- raw:[77, 85, 79, 70, 70]
dev:4202022-09-27 10:32:59.190debugparse- cmd:SV, params:OFF
dev:4202022-09-27 10:32:59.187debugparse- raw:[83, 86, 79, 70, 70]
dev:4202022-09-27 10:32:59.144infoDenon AVR is off

I'd also like to better understand this. Can /does Hubitat have access to any hub any time it reconnects to the internet to download updates?

AFAIK, that option is not available.

An alternate Denon driver seems to work OK with the current firmware:

Hubitat staff can request to download engineering files that contain platform and hardware errors, as long as the hub is connected to the cloud.

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@bobbyD, just to clarify, you mean request permission to download the engineering files, correct?

Request permission from the user before we request permission from the hub :slight_smile:

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This is a red hering, there is no difference between the system and user versions of these drivers that would function differently for different platform versions...

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My Denon receiver is working fine on the most current platform version, using the built-in Hubitat driver.

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