Hub Update Hung - 20 minutes

Started download of the new hub update - it got to 60% - seems to have hung. Went back to Settings page then back to Update and it says "Update already in progress". Started at about 10:45 EDT.



Yes, reboot your hub from the settings page and then try again.

Thank you, Chuck. That did the trick. Rebooted and the update downloaded and applied without any issues.

Thanks again!

I think I am seeing the same issue with the latest update.

It stopped downloading at 81%, I left it for several minutes. I rebooted the hub. Tried again, it stopped downloading at 39% and has been hung there for several minutes.

I had never seen any problems with updates prior to two days ago.

I rebooted again and started the update again. This time the download completed quickly and extracted. It has applied the update, initialized and restarted successfully.

I feel like something is not being cleaned up somewhere - I shouldn't have to reboot (not MS Windows, after all)