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I have 4 hubs at a currently remote site. I can normally access all 4 hubs with no issues. I am using Wireshark to remotely connect to my home network. Starting yesterday, I was unable to access one of them. Connected to port 8081 and rebooted it. Came back (slowly) but did come back. Today, it happened again, except even port 8081 didn't work. I can't successfully ping it, either. Hub is connected to a switch that has other devices I can contact (Blink camera, for instance.) Any way to remotely kick this thing?

Not unless you have it powered by a plug that you can remotely cycle, or have someone go in and power cycle the hub by unplugging it at the wall, waiting 30 seconds, then plugging back in. If you can't get to port 8081, you are SOL for remote reboot. Is this hub on a UPS?

I figured as much. This hub is in an unattached garage, and has a couple of motion sensors (zigbee ), garage door opener and tilt sensor on mailbox (zwave). All devices are meshed to primary hub, so almost no apps. Is it starting to totally fail?

UPS, not yet. I was looking at the single battery units people here have set up, but there have been so many versions of hardware that may or not keep power on during transfer.

AND... It resolved itself. Now able to access remotely. VERY WEIRD!

From what you have reported, sounds like power line glitches to me, not hub failure. Your hub really needs to be on a UPS.

These worked for me, but that was last August when I ordered them.
It seems the "good" ones have only micro USB connections on the bottom of the PCB (no USB-C).

This brings up the topic of how to configure and support equipment at remote locations, something with which I have some experience, although not using HE. Which brings up the question: Is there a driver someone can suggest that allows the HE to ping an outside IP address, such as Google, to check for connectivity to the outside world?

As for the OP, pugging your hub into a good wifi switch can sometimes be a lifesaver. It's hard on the hub to reset it this way, but if a hub locks up and you need to reset it, it can work wonders. Personally I use Leviton and have never had to use it for my HE hubs. But I've used it on others, when I was 500 miles away, and it got me "back in business".

Just for info another path is to power the hub via a POE adaptor and to use a switch that has POE outputs that are toggleable over IP, e.g. Ubiquiti.

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Thanks for the suggestions, everyone. Like I wrote earlier, this is a hub in my garage that has 4 devices on it. Not going to lie, I can’t see spending $$$ for a solution. Have another hub in my shop with about 15-20 devices on it. Neither have any apps on them, and they are meshed to a hub in the house. If one does get hosed, it should be very easy to rebuild it. Two more in the house will be on ups as they would be a PITA to redo. Looked into those Wemos again. Minimum purchase is units of 10 @ $26.19 apparently.

Correction: found the single unit price @ $1.66 each.

Update: I lied. The hub in question has 5 devices on it, not 4.
Hub never rebooted, so it definitely looks like an ethernet issue. Will explore more when i get home tomorrow. Battery boards ordered.

And for remote (or automated) power cycling.

Ready to use:


Thanks! Will try this.

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