And ethernet lockup is back again

So a few weeks ago I had an issue with the ethernet port locking up and narrowed it down (or thought I did) to the port on the switch I have in the living room. I replaced the switch and all was good until just the other day, I noticed no access via ethernet to the hub. Unplug cable, plug back in and working. Its not a duplicate IP as ping stops/starts with the cable in or out. Can't access using port 8081 as it seems ethernet port is locked up, and once cable is unplugged and plugged back in issue resolved for x amount of time.

So its not the port on the switch, or the switch (all brand new and cables) its not the location as I have 4 other devices plugged in to the switch and all work fine all day or night

My thoughts are to now remove the hard ethernet cable, plug in my OTG cable and the antenna for the wireless, load the drivers and statically assign the IP address to the unit and run in wireless mode.

Anyone doing the wireless and any issues? Second option is to use my hub protect and switch out to my C7.. The only issue is my C5 works great except for this issue..

I would hook up your C7, put a couple of things on it with hub mesh enabled and see if that's affected as well

I'm going to go out on a limb and say I doubt the C7 would have the issue as I have had it plugged in a few times but only for about 24 hours during upgrading it and then put it back in the closet. As well no other devices out of 33 have an issue in the house wired or wireless.

I May just hook it up on the same port (after I move my C5) and let it run in that spot and see what happens without the hub mesh first. Thanks @rlithgow1 for another idea!

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It's possibly a link speed issue where the link speeds aren't syncing correctly?

This sounds very similar - see this

Mine came back after awhile - at least several hours. It is a C7. Maybe leave it alone overnight and see if it fixes itself like mine did? Not a solution, just more data.

I have also been seeing something similar with my C5 in the past couple of weeks. It just goes totally unresponsive on the local network. Sometimes it maybe comes back on 8081 sooner than the main interface. Nothing at all shows up in the logs. Comes back somewhere between 30 minutes and a couple hours later.

Not at the site now so I can't check again today. Maybe this explains my recent issues with reaching the hub through my VPN which had worked great for several months? @bravenel Could this be something with the past few versions of firmware?

I don't know. We are investigating.

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Now this is interesting. I actually wasn't able to unplug the ethernet cable and forgot about it for a few hours, when I went to check again all of a sudden is was working again. Its been working fine since then.

I've always jumped to unplug the eth cable and plug back in. I'm going to leave it and see if it does it again if it comes back. (something new I haven't seen yet till yesterday)

I've noticed this started to happen maybe coincidently with upgrading to as this was where I first noticed it happened.

For grins I put the C7 in the living room where the C5 was, and moved the C5 into the computer room with all new setup. Both are running the firmware. We'll see what happens

Also just because it happens. I notice when doing upgrades its really slow like minutes and minutes (10-15) to get through the download, yet on the C7 its seconds and its done and rebooting. Same switch port, cable etc.

AND.... its down again.

And then it was up briefly, then down again. I pinged it and got 80% failure rate. Tried other devices on same switch, got 0% failure rate. I'll try changing cables and ports.

I wrote that about 2 hours ago and forgot to hit REPLY until now. Tried it again and got 100% success on ping. This is really weird.

Down again this morning. Moved hub to new port and cable, came right back up. This is getting old.

You might as well just unplug the cable for 2 seconds and plug back in. I've moved mine several times and sometimes it acts up in a few hours, most times for me it takes up to a week or two before it stops.

My C7 was not responding to pings yesterday morning (and of course non-functional as well). Status lights were fine, ethernet link was fine. I power cycled and noticed that my HE log entries ceased about 14.5 hours prior. Everything working again, and no problems in the prior 5 months. Version

Both my C5 and C7 are working fine still after the upgrade to the .140 build. No lockups on either one..... yet


Ethernet locked up on the C5 hub this morning. Can't ping can't access anything this means the diagnostics port as well. Unplug the Ethernet cable and all is fine again.

At this point I need to make a decision, move to wireless connection rather than Ethernet or just move to the C-7 device. Personally I'd rather stay on the C-5 since the only issue is the stupid ethernet lockup.. ugh

If the network gateway is at (or any network with last IP segment of 1), you could try these endpoints (available on firmware 2.2.7 and above only):

The first endpoint enables ongoing gateway ping that happens about every second. Second one disables it, and third shows current status. The watchdog always uses DHCP to reconnect. There is some overhead, both CPU-wise and network-wise. We (Hubitat) used it internally with some questionable routers, and it reconnected hubs within seconds, so it's worth a shot here.

Cool, let me try this and see what happens. So far this is across 2 different routers the second one a bit more high end then the first.

I have the cables and wifi adapter for the wireless setup so if this doesn't pan out I'm going to try the wifi setup next.

Thanks will keep you all posted

WiFi can drop occassionally, too, and there's no watchdog for it at the moment. It's on the list but not yet implemented.