Hub stops communicating with all devices


My Hubitat seems to have an issue where after some period of time it just stops communicating with all devices (I only have Z-Wave at this stage).
By stop I mean no signals go to and from the device - cannot switch anything on/off and the state is never changing even if sensors/switches change the state outside of Hubitat.

The only way to fix it is to hard stop it (software restart doesn't help), unplug the USB receiver then put it back in and start the hub.

It smells like a hardware problem with the receiver.
I didn't see any "Contact Support" linke on the main site so wonder who I need to contact about it?


Try sending an email to:

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HAVE THE EXACT SAME PROBELM: Z-Wave devices dissapear under Z-Wave details

NO HELP from support I am afraid.............

Early on I had Z-Wave troubles - with Locks then other devices, a Z-Wave outlet etc. There are some things to consider - distance from hub/distance from other ZW devices/using secure join ZW vs non-secure. Sometimes in the device chain there are bad devices that do not repeat properly, also "ghost" devices - devices that are still in the config but missing from the UI. Also custom drivers and apps can be suspect as well.

Due to the "bare-metal" * nature of HE - there is less abstraction between you and your devices so issues that can be mitigated/hidden by other hubs with cloud processing are much more visible.

* yes I realize it's running in a JVM.. :wink:


Another thing I discovered my C5 hub (my "controller" hub) was overheating. It was sitting on a smooth plastic surface (a Sonos:connect ) and I was getting periodic lockups - by simply turning the hub upside down it seemed to solve the issue. ymmv of course.

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FYI: the bottom of every Page has links to Support and Documentation etc :slight_smile:

Yeah right - support does not even respond to my no help there....

The problem is not range issues. ALL z-wave devices dissapear and do not reappear unless I disconnect and connect the z-wave stick and power the hub conpletely down and powers it up again.

What Zwave devices are you trying to use ?
And Do you happen to have another hub powered up that could be interfering?

I onle have one hub. I have locks, door sensors and other devices. It worked fine when I used Smartthings.....

When it happens ALL z-wave devices are gone in the z-wave details menu....

Yes that sounds like a support issue and also very frustrating. Did you try a backup and soft reset?

I ended up buying an additional Z-Wave/Zigbee stick (for the C4, U.S. model) as a spare. With the U.S. C5's everything is internal which I'm kinda bummed about.


That’s why all of mine are C3/C4 - So I could have separate sticks to swap out if I need to


Hi Henrik,
So ST or Wink, is not HE. There are enough posts here alluding to this fact.
Like a Holden Maloo Ute is not a Toyota Hilux. ( you’ll have a bit of Googling there. ):stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: they’re both utes but you’d only go off road in the outback in one of them !
With nothing currently working I’d be just adding one device, NOT the lock but something like the closest to the HE.
The little HE hub does not have BUG antennas, is very low powered but is VERY capable.

Setup one device close to the hub.
Do exclude and retry pairing.
Just try 1 Device and see if it stays connected. Do not move it for 24hrs. Try another device in same location. Rested.
I know this is painful but it should help detect the issue.
Also please list out what model devices you have.
The more you share with others the more likely we can come to suggestions and hopefully resolutions.
@bobbyD is there anything else that could be done to identify what’s going on here ??

It's been a while that the support said they would escalate it to it. Then the ticket was closed and I can't get through to get any sort of support now.

The hub is doing this almost every second day.

Not amazing to say the least.

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