Hub Replacement

I've got a warranty replacement C8 hub coming in the next day or two. I subscribe to hub protect. Is the process of replacing the old hub for the new one similar to doing a soft reset as in it's just a case of restoring the most recent cloud backup? Presumably this will also restore the zigbee and z-wave radios and devices too?
My old hub has a static IP, will this be restored on the new hub?
If anyone has any tips and pitfalls of restoring to a new hub I'd appreciate the advice.

Thanks in advance as usual.

When you install the new hub, it will have a different MAC address than your old hub. Thus, you router will assign a different IP address than your old hub. If you have difficulty finding the new IP address, you can always use an IP address scanner and then matching the MAC address. You can either use the new IP address for your new hub or you can remove the prior IP address reservation for the old hub and then reserve that address for the new MAC address. When I upgraded from C-7 to C-8, I decided it was easier to use the new IP address, but you can do whatever works best for you.

Since you had hub protect, you should be able to restore everything fairly easily from the cloud backup.

I was thinking of updating the dhcp reservation on my router after turning off the old hub so the new one will have the same IP right from the word go. I had an issue when I was away on holiday recently with my router going down and the hub then getting an apipa IP which broke things until I could get back from holiday. So I decided to configure a static IP on the hub. I was just wondering if this too would be restored. I presume it probably will but can see a reason why it might not too. Just curious really, guess I'll find out soon enough.

Once you do a final cloud backup, turn off the old hub. After that go into your router and simply change the mac for the existing DHCP reservation to the mac of the new hub. Start new hub, do cloud restore.

What happens when the old hub is turned on after the new one is set up? Devices can't have two controllers, right? Might be interesting, lol.

The process is identical to migrating to new hub as described in the following document, with one added step when everything is migrated:

The added step is that when the new hub is up and running, you will need to transfer the subscription to the new hub by following these instructions:

z-wave sorta can but it would get ugly really quick

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I'd like to include my Ecolink Chime/Siren on an old C-7 that I use for power cycling purposes, without messing with hub mesh, but I don't think I'll even try.