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Recently I migrated from C-5 to C-7.
My C-5 setup was rock solid but i decided to upgrade to C-7.
Migration was not simple as it should/must be.
First time it failed but second time everything worked as expected.
I had to rejoin manually all Zigbee devices but the rest was done automatically.

Almost immediately after migration to C-7 I noticed many problems with the
Z-Wave Network. Z-Wave Network became very unstable and finally basically
died couple days ago. No matter what I was trying (multiple time Z-Wave Repair,
hub rebooting, etc.) did not fix the problem. Finally today night hub performed
Soft Reset (or Factory Reset on its own. I was able to restore everything from
Cloud Backup (I did buy Hub Protection). Surprisingly Zigbee Network was not
affected and recovered but Z-Wave network is still extremely unstable.
When I do Z-Wave Repair it fails virtually every node except for 3-4 nodes.
When i do individual Z-Wave repair per device sometime it complete successfully
but usually fails. Surprisingly Routing Table is almost always different for the
same node.

Now my question is:

  • How do I initiate hub replacement for the failing hub under Hub Protection service?

    I did email to and
    I did get an automated response with case # 22210 but that was it.
    This is sort of emergency condition and MUST be addressed ASAP.
    Unfortunately this is not a case and I am very disappointed.
    Because i did not get any response to my emails I had to order an
    replacement hub for full price (order # 25808) as emergency step.
    I am happy, my order will be delivered today.
    This maid even more disappointed.
    So, how to ACTUALLY use paid Hub Protection service?

    I still hope to get an ether a replacement hub or reimbursement for the
    one i bought as emergency recovery step.

Now technical questions:

  • Since the Z-Wave Repair (the required step for hub migration service)
    failed virtually on every node how good/reliable will be to restore new
    hub from Cloud Backup?

  • If "migration" (or Cloud Restore) is not a good option for my case
    what is the best way to restore my setup?
    I am trying to avoid to redo everything manually step-by-step.

  • How do I remove fes ghost Z-Wave devices?
    I tried every step(s) I found on a forum but nothing actually worked.

  • Finally, what is the best way to get a fast and reliable support in
    kind of emergency cases?
    Emaillin to (and/or takes forever.
    Sometime this is not a problem (but still better/should be improved).
    I had to wait a week+ in a past for the response to my question.
    But you guys should introduce a quick response for the at least hub
    replacement service for the paid Hub Protection option.
    As of now I absolutely unsatisfied this the service. So far I did not get any
    response at all.

    I am very happy with hub itself (of course when it works) but I am not
    happy with the very slow responses when immediate action is required.

    Thank you very much,

    • Vitaliy

I am EE with 40+ years of experience (FPGAs, Embedded Processors. etc.)
and have about 30+ years of experience in Home Automation area.

It was recommended to do this on the C5 prior to cloud backup to start off with a healthy mesh prior to the migration.

If you are on the latest hub version there should be a log entry when you try to remove failed nodes, if you post that message it will give me an idea of why it's failing to remove.

Highly unusual tagging @gopher.ny here as he would know more about this process.


Is this hub still online? and if so could you PM me your hub ID..

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Thank you for reaching out. As you know, we generally respond within 24 hours on new inquiries. Please check your email as we responded to your latest ticket, earlier today. As mentioned in our response, we don't believe that you are dealing with a radio malfunction at this point, and replacing the hub will not resolve the your current Z-wave problem, as long as you are planning to migrate the same devices from your old C5 hub.

Based on our research, your problems are caused by a mix of issues that can only be addressed locally:

  1. It appears that you are using some devices that are known to cause issues with C7 model. Check this thread for more details.
  2. It also appears that you have migrated some stranded devices from previous hub >> if these remain in your network, you may need to reset the radio on the C7.
  3. The power/energy reporting on one or more devices is contributing to overloading your hub, that is already under stress from item #1 and #2 >> adjusting the reporting frequency may improve your experience.
  4. Performing repair while devices are unresponsive, at the edge of your network, or simply not available can and will make your network go unresponsive >> I suggest to refrain from running any repairs while you are dealing with the other issues.

You can always PM or email if you have further questions or need any further assistance.

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If you're using any zooz 4-in1 sensors, remove them. They need paired with no security. Get rid of any ghosts you have.

What is wrong with this?
I did by Hub Protection for the C-7.
I sent email to the few days ago but only today
I got a response from this thread after I started it.
Since I did not get any response and my Z-Wave Network became
very unstable I rushed with ordering the replacement C-7 (it just delivered).
So, I don't see any problem with asking for reimbursement for the
failing C-7 under Hub Protection service.

In my case everything was pointing to the Hub itself because I did not
have any problem with the C-5 Hub. All bad things started to popup
right after I migrated to the C-7.
I was thinking, C-7 should be a step forward but what I learned today
this seems to be step back instead.
With all this problems on the Z-Wave Network introduced by C-7 I am
seriously thinking about reincarnating my C-5
Being an experienced EE with 40+ years of experience and designing
many project with FPGAs and Embedded Processors I am surprised
to hear Z-Wave chip on C-7 may be locked down (seems to be a case)
just by processing packets. To my EE eyes this looks like a very serious
bug in this 700 series Z-Wave chip(s). Suddenly too many problems
popped up with otherwise very healthy devices.

Taking all this in account I am seriously thinking about reincarnating
C-5 and forget about all this C-7 introduced problems.
Now I don't know what to do with the new C-7.
It looks like my current C-7 is still OK but 700 Zwave chip is actually very sick.
(Maybe the entire silicon production line was contaminated with COVID-19.
i.e. Clean Room was not clean enough).

Thank you all very much for the responses, tips and suggestions.

But that’s not how the terms of the hub protect service work.


I do have two Zooz 4-in-1 sensors.
I have all my Zwave Devices paired with no security.

There are few ghosts listed on the Z-Wave Details page.
No matter what I was trying to do gasilions of time I cannot
get rid of them.
Any you know any removing algorithm/sequence what will work?

Thank you,

  • Vitaliy

This depends on what the log says from the removal attempts..

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700 Series hubs are very different than 500 series.. The first thing that the SDK will attempt to do is gather more information on all the nodes, and if there are a bunch of missing and/or ghost nodes, this can be problematic initially.. But can be recovered

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So, how it actually works?

Anyway, I am OK now with two potentially sick C-7 hubs.
What I learned today about C-7 hubs makes no sense to use them.
There are too many problems just with hub itself (actually new Z-wave Chip).

We are showing that case 22210 mentioned earlier was created yesterday at 2PM. Did you happen to submit another ticket from a different email account. Prior to last ticket created yesterday, your last update was on ticket 21872, on May 24th. Would you mind confirming the time when you received the automated response that case 22210 was created?

Hi Bobby,

Yes, I created this ticket (22210) only yesterday.
Before I sent few emails directly to you (
My apology, I should not do this but I was in rush attempting
to fix my suddenly failed hub.
I am sorry, next time I will follow normal path.

Thank you,

  • Vitaliy

I don't see anything in a logs related to the removal attempts.
Maybe I am looking in the wrong place?
Where are this logs?

Thank you,

  • Vitaliy

How long the recovery takes?
Do I have to do something or simply wait?

In the main logs.. Click “Logs” on the left..


But make sure you are on the latest 2.2.7 release as this was added recently..

It depends.. I would need a bit more information…

If you PM me your hub ID, I can get more information on what’s going on..

We might need to do a little work, or it might just fix itself with the nightly maintenance..

start with removing the zooz 4-in-1's. Then follow the instructions for removing ghosts. You may have to hit the button several times before it's removed.

Ah, that explains it. I get hundreds of emails a day, so I have stringent spam rules on my personal account. The quickest way to get assistance, is to send emails directly to


This is exactly where I was looking for the logs.
There are many logs related to the device activity
but nothing is/was related to the removal attempt(s)

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