Hub Replacement ander Hub protect

We are showing that case 22210 mentioned earlier was created yesterday at 2PM. Did you happen to submit another ticket from a different email account. Prior to last ticket created yesterday, your last update was on ticket 21872, on May 24th. Would you mind confirming the time when you received the automated response that case 22210 was created?

Hi Bobby,

Yes, I created this ticket (22210) only yesterday.
Before I sent few emails directly to you (
My apology, I should not do this but I was in rush attempting
to fix my suddenly failed hub.
I am sorry, next time I will follow normal path.

Thank you,

  • Vitaliy

I don't see anything in a logs related to the removal attempts.
Maybe I am looking in the wrong place?
Where are this logs?

Thank you,

  • Vitaliy

How long the recovery takes?
Do I have to do something or simply wait?

In the main logs.. Click “Logs” on the left..


But make sure you are on the latest 2.2.7 release as this was added recently..

It depends.. I would need a bit more information…

If you PM me your hub ID, I can get more information on what’s going on..

We might need to do a little work, or it might just fix itself with the nightly maintenance..

start with removing the zooz 4-in-1's. Then follow the instructions for removing ghosts. You may have to hit the button several times before it's removed.

Ah, that explains it. I get hundreds of emails a day, so I have stringent spam rules on my personal account. The quickest way to get assistance, is to send emails directly to


This is exactly where I was looking for the logs.
There are many logs related to the device activity
but nothing is/was related to the removal attempt(s)

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Zooz 4-in-1 are not ghosts and looks very healthy.
Are they preventing me from removing ghosts?

I did hit the "Remove" button hundreds times by now.
Unfortunately this did not work and Logs is not showing
anything related to the removal process.
What I am doing wrong?

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Are you on

Yes, Hub firmware/software is latest:

Hubitat Elevation® Platform Version

Should be seeing something like:

Failed node remove status: x

in the logs when you hit the remove button then.

No, nothing like this is reported.
Logs shows only various device/programs activities.

Are you doing a live log while trying to remove


The issue with the 4-in-1's is that they don't pair right with the c7 and are so chatty they can crash your mesh. It's a known issue and why if you look at the compatibility list shows that it's not compatible with the c7. You have ghosts according to support so making sure those are cleared and the zooz sensors are removed things will start getting cleaned up for you


In addition to the ghosts and the 4 in 1s, the double plugs and power strips are set to report power/energy very frequently, which may be enough to overwhelm the radio. And to top it all off, the double plug is known to cause problems on its own, that's why I shared the link to the incident, in my earlier post:


I remember that... Zooz seems to have been quiet here lately. Do you know if they've gotten anywhere in updating their firmware for any of these problematic devices to solve these issues? Dunno if you guys have been keeping in touch about the issues