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Hi I have a C4 and I just signed up for Hub Protect. I mainly got it so I could migrate to a new C7. So in the Settings/Backup-Restore I do not have a means to create a backup to the cloud or to schedule abackup to the cloud. I have a card that is a link to purchase the Hub Protect subscription. I admit I didn't wait but a few minutes before I "checked it out". Does the Hub Protect not work with the C4? My system firmware is up to date.

Hub Protect itself should work on a C-4, but you won't get the ability to move Z-Wave to the new hub--that only works on a C-5 or later (unless your external Z-Wave adapter on the C-4 happens to be the ZWaveMe one, which does work for this; but in the US, these normally came with just the white Nortek stick for both Z-Wave and Zigbee). So if that's your only concern, it's probably not worth it on the C-4. You can migrate settings yourself via regular backups (literal hub settings like location and modes, plus your installed apps and the device list but not the pairings per se).

Still, I can't tell you why the cloud backups wouldn't be appearing. Maybe it takes some time to "sync" the subscription?

That's what I am thinking. My Zwave stick is black like the one in the Protect Hub Docs. So I thought it would work.

Yeah, you probably have the supported ZWave.Me adapter then. But the cloud backup piece should work either way (and in your case, everything should work), so it seems like something odd is going on. Maybe verify at that you have the correct hub subscribed (assuming you have more than one), that your hub is logged into your cloud account (under Settings > Hub Details), or perhaps a reboot (Settings > Reboot) in case that helps it "see" this subscription sooner.

If not, you might want to formally reach out to Support unless anyone else has other ideas.

Well a reboot brought the backup to the cloud page as it should. The bad news I have the white zwave radio, sigh I should have made sure before I ordered the subscription

You might try contacting Hubitat for either a refund, or transfer subscription to a different hub. I know they say that you can't do that, but it seems like if it doesn't work on you hub a credit/transfer of some kind might be possible.

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Thanks for your feedback. For clarification purposes Hub Protect service was not created as a "migration tool", so it protects the hub on which the service is enabled. Hub Protect was intended to be an extended warranty with some benefits.

One of those benefits is "Hub Restoration", which allows users to restore any of the (five) cloud backups to a new hub, quickly and easily, without having to re-include Z-Wave devices.

Some people wanted to take advantage of this optional benefit and "migrate" Z-Wave Devices from a working hub to a new hub. To do so, Hub Protect must be enabled on the old device, first, to create a cloud backup, then that backup can be restored on the new hub.

We understand that some users find this benefit useful, when they upgrade their hubs from an older model to the newest. We appreciate their continued support, and we recommend enrolling the new hubs in the service, then sending a PM to @support_team to have us temporarily enable Hub Protect on the old hub, so that a cloud back can be generated and used to restore the old hub into new hub. Doing so users can take advantage of the best of two worlds: being able to restore an older working hub and extend the warranty of the new hub.

For more details about Hub Protect, please visit this page: Hub Protect | Hubitat Elevation®


Thanks Bobby, I sent one last night.

I still think that the Hub Protect service might need a bold disclaimer on the sign-up page:


I think the offering is great, and worth the money it costs. But a migration service, it is not - which is probably why you don't see the word "migration" anywhere on the description or signup page.



It does allow you to migrate from C5 to c7. This is part of the service. If you look at the cloud backup it does do a migration for you. However, only for those two device models.

It is not part of the service, it can be used that way, but is not its intended purpose. Hub Protect gives you protection for your existing hub and offers cloud backup and restoration to get you back up and running quicker when the old hub dies, and you receive a new hub that is included with Hub Protect service.

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Thanks for the clarification.

Maybe as a suggestion. Setup another service for migrating from one hub to another. Separate it from Protect, if it is possible.

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I think they may have considered this, but opted not to (for now, at least).

It adds a level of complexity to what they have to offer with the service.

And it can’t be perceived as too complicated, because now people are paying for it, and their expectations re: user experience rise accordingly.

Agreed. A true "Hub Migration" service would need to seamlessly transfer all Zigbee, Z-Wave, LAN, Cloud, etc. devices, automations, and integrations. It would be an amazing accomplishment, but probably not worth the development cost as the rate of return on that investment might be pretty long. I am still running my original Jan/Feb 2018 Hubitat Elevation C-3 hub as my main home automation platform. Since I don't use Z-Wave, I really don't see much of a reason to upgrade. I do have a Hub Protection subscription active on this old hub, though. I know it probably won't last forever, so it is nice to know Hubitat 'has my back' should it fail.


And I have always assumed that’s why SmartThings brought this up a long time ago, but never delivered.

And Samsung could do basically anything they want, if there was a financial incentive.


While Samsung probably does have the resources, they are not even in the Hub hardware game any longer. There just is no financial incentive for them to bother with a migration tool. Having a few users inconvenienced each year - no big deal for Samsung...especially when those same users keep buying Samsung smartphones, televisions, and appliances each year. I bet Samsung makes it pretty easy to migrate from an old Samsung phone to a new Samsung phone, eh? :wink: That's where the real $$$ is, not in selling a $100 hub to a relatively small number of users once every 8-10 years.


To give them their "due", Wink managed this while they were still owned by Flex (Flextronics). Their Hub 1 to Hub 2 migration included all Caseta devices, z-wave devices, zigbee devices and LAN-connected devices. In addition to their robots (very simple automations).


Hi, I'm about to dive in on a hub protect/remote admin subscription. I have a C7 hub. I can see that this is a 'per hub' subscription, but surely if I wanted to upgrade to the next model that Hubitat has planned I could migrate my subscription to the new hub and remove it from the C7 post upgrade? Or is this genuinely not possible?

Yes, but you will need to send an email to for now.