Hub Protect & C8 migration

In the hubitat live video, someone asked about transferring a hub protect subscription to the new hub. I think it was @bobbyD that answered. I heard him say that the subscription is not transferrable, but the way he said it sounded like it was not a big deal, just let the sub run out and then sign up with the new hub. Of course the hub's normal warranty is in place so that aspect of hub protect isn't a big deal, but what about cloud backup? Will we not be able to use cloud backups for the new hub until the old sub expires and we subscribe the new hub?

Yup, it was me, and is not a big deal to fully protect your shiny new hub and continue to have scheduled backups while the old hub service is pending cancelation. The only thing you'd need to do, is to sign up the C-8 hub when the old hub's service runs out, if you'd like to continue the Hub Protect service on the C-8.

Check out this post for more details:

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Found the answer in another thread - C8 Migration from C7 - #12 by bobbyD

And... there's Bobby now sharing the same reply. :slight_smile:

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