Hub Name in UI

I have two hubs (as do quite a few, some have 3 :open_mouth: ), and easily get confused regarding which hub I'm controlling.

Would it be possible to have the Hub name (or ability to have a name there) in the header bar of the UI? Or anything else to distinguish which hub you're controlling, rather than have to check the IP on each page?

I'm normally at my PC which has two monitors, this makes it easier, but if on my laptop or phone, it gets a little confusing :slight_smile:



I like this idea. Other consideration/addition is a theme feature where you can change the color scheme for each hub.


Themes!! Good one...



Honestly, what community member owns the greatest number of Hubs? :laughing:

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Sure I've read about someone with 4 lol, must be some bloody house!!

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Great... Now watch the competition ensue. :wink:


Probably @srwhite :joy:


I don't think anyone on staff would mind that competition :wink:


I wasn't going to call @srwhite out as I tend to do that a lot when I'm talking about complex HE setups and I'm sure his notifications must number in the hundreds. :wink:


In all fairness, I only have 3 operational Hubitat hubs right now... The 4th is still in the box for the RV project which will be starting soon. :wink:

I only get a couple dozen notifications per day. I’ve taken extra care to keep the “noise” to a minimum.

I suspect when HubConnect is released soon, the number of multi-hub deployments will go up. :slight_smile:


Your honor, I rest my case. :wink: LOL

I can't wait for HubConnect to get released. Why are you on here chatting and not coding?! :wink: (*ducking)

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I have four active and two bricks
Does that count as 6? :slight_smile:

3 are ‘production’ and I have a test/dev hub



You win :joy: :joy:


I will also make the request for a name in the header bar
I think it’s a brilliant idea if possible.

Has anyone tagged @patrick to ask if it’s possible?
(Well I have now :slight_smile: )



I'm sure the others in my house would prefer that I used a separate hub for development, as well :laughing:

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It has saved my bacon a few times.
Locking up a dev hub doesn’t affect WAF :slight_smile:



Hub Name in the Top Bar is probably not going to happen. This space is reserved and responsive for the Section / Page name and the 3dot menu on the right.

With that said, there are 2 potential spots for it, one is on the side menu and the other is in the messages, which has been proposed in a different thread to be enhanced with info like HSM status, current mode and could be added to like Hub Name / Location Name along with the existing messages.

My preference is to eventually expand the messages area, since 99% of the time this is empty.

Also, I'd like to show recent events, properly formatted in this drop down as well. Things like Front door was opened on 3/15/2018 4:23pm etc.

None of this is going to happen any time soon, but it has been noted and appreciate the feedback.


How about the Title??

Instead of Main Menu Main Menu Main Menu for the tabs, maybe the hub name can fit in there?

not unusual to have three tabs per hub. (App or Driver, Logs, Source)

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If you run DNS and use logical names for your hubs, would it be sufficient that those names would appear in the address (URL) bar of the browser? I guess that's a stretch, I imagine most people don't run DNS?

But I don't think the IP address shows up in the title - only the current section - like "Main Menu"..