Hub Message: Zigbee network is not online


I'm getting the "Zigbee network is not online" message in the upper right corner of the hub web pages. I've looked at both the Zigbee log and the regular log and I see activity from my Zigbee devices and things seem to be working.

I'm worried that if I reboot the Zigbee network really will stop working.


I would contact support for advice before doing anything.


I got this message this morning as well. A reboot cleared the message. I did get in touch with support awhile back with this same issue before but since a reboot cleared it. There was no further investigation.


I get this from time to time. Like everyone mentioned, a reboot always resolves it for me.


Thanks everyone, my reboot cleared the message and everything seems to be working.


I just got this message. Reboot cleared it.
I'm out of the country and wondering if there's a way to protect against this if it happens without me noticing. How could we automate a reboot if the zigbee network goes offline? (And if everything still works, does it matter?)


I have been seeing this more often, I can clear it with a reboot but concerned about the frequency of it happening. Today I actually had to power off the hub and back on because after a reboot the message came back.


+1 I'm seeing this often now also. Reboot clears it and sometimes it clears itself after a while. Also noticed hub seems to be going a little slower than normal too. Noticing this the last few weeks. Web UI just isn't quite as fast as it used to be.



If the hub runs low on memory the zigbee radio is the first thing to crash. Are you running the latest version of HE firmware? Do you have a lot of "user" apps and drivers?


Yes latest version. And no actually. Here is my list and I think they are almost all native

Chromecast Integration (Beta)
Garadget (not native)
Google Home
Groups and scenes
Hub Link
Hubitat Dashboard
Hubitat simple lighting
Hue Bridge Integration
Life 360
Lock Code Manager
Lutron Integrator
Maker API
Mode Manager
Motion Lighting
Other Hub Event Pusher (not native)
Rule Machine
WATO (not native)

So mostly there any way to tell what's eating up the memory?


I believe support may be able to assist you with that. Trying emailing them to open a ticket. The other then you can do is disable any non native apps too see if things improve and then re-enable apps one at a time.


No they will not be able to help with that. Your best bet is to try disabling your custom apps one at a time and see if it helps.


And I would also recommend disabling any devices using custom drivers and see if the problem goes away. Isolate the potential problem drivers and see what stabilizes.


I don't like Garadget and Other Hub. WATO I don't know.

What I did, I replaced Other Hub and Hub Link with HubConnect, Garadget was uninstalled from HE and installed in ST and shared it to HE using HubConnect.

Working very stable, my hub with more than 100 devices is fast as the one with 15 devices.


Thanks, some stuff to try.

I only had a few things left with ST...darn it....I will try garadget back there. Looks like it's never going