Hub Mesh with HTTPS-only enabled

Setting up a new C7, and trying to connect Hub Mesh to my C4 to facilitate the transition... I've discovered that Hub Mesh does not connect properly when the HTTPS-only UI option has been enabled at /hub/advanced/certificate

Once this was disabled on both hubs, they connected instantly. Not sure if this is expected behavior based on implementation, but since the option is available I would expect all features to work with it enabled.

I submitted a ticket via email to about a month ago, but only got the generic "referred to engineering team" response, and crickets since...

P.S. @bobbyD there's some mixed messaging in these generic responses -- it states To add additional comments, reply to this email. -- but then a second email states that Our system does not recognize replies to this ticket

There's no way to enable hub mesh with a custom SSL certificate.
I've made a note about it, but it's a new feature, and 2.3.0 is closed for good. Should be in 2.3.1.


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